Lifesmart Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews for 2022

Hello! Welcome, all in our today’s Lifesmart Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews. In our life quick inflatable hot tube reviews you will experience that The Lifesmart 4-Person 13-Jet Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play Spa is an excellent addition to your backyard. This Lifesmart Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews will inform you that This plug and play spa features thirteen high therapy jets that provide you with a perfect massaging experience. So let’s start our journey towards the life quick inflatable hot tube reviews to know more about this product.

This spa is made from a superior high quality of material that makes it highly durable. The comfort dial lets you balance of air and water. A beautiful digital topside thermostat easily adjusts the temperature of this spa.

Lifesmart Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews let you know that It also includes a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps. This hot tube has a seating capacity for four people as well as it can hold up to 195 gallons of water. It also has a baby-safe locking shroud. The 4-Person 13-Jet Rock Solid Simplicity Plug & Play hot tube by Lifesmart are ideal for your indoor & outdoor usage.

The Lifesmart Simplicity Plug & Play 4-person spa has not only the same standard parts and features as any brand name hot tubs, such as Balboa topside controls, adjustable jets, and a top-loading filter, but also features a super durable Rock Solid Shell. The Discovery Simplicity is a 110-volt Plug & Play spa system. This feature avoids the expensive cost of hot tub installation.

You need only to set it up, fill it up and plug it in. Nothing but Lifesmart uses Eco-Smart technology, the highly efficient energy management system built into every Lifesmart Simplicity spa.

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug & Play 4 Person Hot Tub Spa

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  • Lifesmart Spas consume less energy and deliver better performance due to a full-foam insulation system and a thick energy-saving spa cover designed to save money on the operation of the spa.
  • It also meets the strict California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs.
  • The Lifesmart Simplicity Spa has the facility of 4 deep bucket seats complete with rotating back jets, a waterfall, and top-side comfort valves that let you find the perfect mix of air and water for the perfect massage.


Apart from the above-mentioned specification it also includes the following features:

  • Simplicity: It has rock-solid simplicity plug and plays spa with 12 jets
  • Discovery Collection: You will get discovery collection
  • Construction Material: It is made of eco thermoplastic
  • Capacity: It can fold 4 person capacity
  • High Therapy Jets: It has 12 high therapy jets
  • Control: It includes Deluxe Balboa digital control
  • Res & Blue Lens caps: It contains 12 volt light with red and blue lens caps
  • Full Foam Energy-Saving Insulation: It has the system of full foam energy-saving insulation
  • Delux locking energy saving cover: It has deluxe locking energy saving cover
  • Air & water mix: The comfort dials allow for the perfect air and water mix
  • Waterfall Feature: It has a waterfall feature
  • Pump: It has a 1.5 hp pump
  • Plug & Play: You will get a 110-volt plug and play
  • Rock solid shell & Surround: A Sandstone Rock solid shell with matching sandstone Rock solid surround also available

FIVE OUT OF FIVE STAR: Trouble Free Operation:

The tub is very light. One can move or carry it with 2 reasonable strong people. This truly is a plug and play for you. The waterfall feature is really nice, and the color changing LED. The tub is a little bit on the small side for 4 adults would be pretty cozy. It’s really great for 2, or 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 kids. The plug has a super GCFI built in, so just plug and play.

The manual recommends you a dedicated 15 amp circuit, which we put in. Others have described it pulls about 11 amps, and that seems about right. You can’t comment on the hike in electricity, although everywhere you’ve read seems to be about $15-20 extra a month. For the money, this spa is really 150% worth it! So just Buy it, use it! you’ll surely love it.


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You will recommend this company and spa to your friends and family. It’s really a great purchase.


This will be going strong for years, with no mechanical issues. You will be able to get moved into place by 1 delivery man with a dolly. It has good hot water and easy to maintain water.

Things you should Know

You may think that this is a portable spa but it is not and weighs a hefty 268.5 pounds with the dimensions of 61x70x32 inches. So wherever you want to plan to install it you’ll have to make sure that the area is ready. There is nothing extra to assemble and it is plug and play out of the box once you put it in place. The Uniform support is important for this model because of the construction, and you also have to factor in the weight of the adults and the gallons of water that will be concentrated on that specific one spot.

Customers who live in cold areas will love the insulation of this spa as it can consistently stay at 104f for extended periods of time. If you have problems in the past with a spa that doesn’t keep the water clean, in that case, the ozone treatment system built into the spa will be like night and day for you. Keeping up with the general maintenance makes sure that it stays that way, leaving you nothing but with the regular 2-3 month filter cleaning schedule.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Some More Facilities:

  • 4 person capacity hot tub spa includes 12 jets with 4 bucket seats and plugs into any standard outlet
  • ASTM approved locking spa cover is included
  • The digital topside control center for jets as well as temperature, and lighting
  • Underwater with multi-color LED light
  • This contains an innovative thermal friction heating system, eliminating the need for a separate heater
  • The Comfort dials allow for perfect air and water mixture
  • 205 gallon of capacity
  • 12 graphite jets are included
  • This is energy efficient and exceeds California Energy Commission mandates for hot tub energy consumption
  • This thing is constructed of durable, rotationally molded polyethylene
  • Simply fill with the garden hose system
  • It has a 110-volt plug and plays and 15 amp dedicated circuit
  • It cannot be converted to 220 volt
  • 10-foot GFCI cord is included
  • 0 HP pump is available
  • Colors available Sand shell and cabinet
  • Dimensions are 70 x 61 x 32 inches
  • Weight (without water) is 270 pound

Some Other Details:

Lifesmart Hot Tub is an extraordinary excellent plug and play, fantastic starter hot tub at an affordable price. This is a4 person hot tub with some of the benefits of a full-featured above-ground hot tub. This hot tub the best above-ground hot tubs at an affordable price for you.


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As the name suggests that the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play 4 Person Spa is truly a plug and play hot tub. The 4 person seating capacity is really true only if you just want to sit tight in the tub – two persons can sit with enough comfortably.

The high-therapy Jets

The Lifesmart hot tub is a four-person hot tub which comes with 13 high-therapy adjustable jets. The pump is undoubtedly a small 1.5 hp pump. But with just 13 therapy jets, the pump provides just enough pressure on your aching back and lower back muscles so that it can soothe your stress.

The 12 jets are nicely distributed among the four seats in the tub. There are three jets on the three side and four on the other. This spa is best suited for you to get rid of the back pains you get from sitting down in a chair all day long.

The Dimension & Weight:

At 42 x 84 x 66 inches in the dimension of this four persons hot tub is very compact, and it will fit almost any lawn. Though It is small, it provides significant benefits in saving space – if you feel you have a constraint. The Weighing in about 268 pounds the spa can be moved to a new location if needed in time.

Although the manufacturer says that it’s a four person hot tub and there are four seats, you really cannot stretch your legs without touching everybody else – it is very comfortable seating for two full sized adults. The spa will easily fit a family of 4 – 2 parents with two kids.

The Build Materials

The only spa here is not made of acrylic. The construction material of this spa is Eco Thermal Plastic which is heat-resistant. Thermoplastic is made from biodegradable and Eco-friendly polymer.  The Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity is the easiest to install among all the spas. It’s really truly a plug and plays spa. In spite of being the very good insulator of heat, the spa is very much energy efficient.

The Setup and Power Supply

Lifesmart hot tub is one of the best plugs and plays hot tub. You don’t need to do anything else. All you want is a 110v power supply. Just plug it into a standard 110v electrical outlet and enjoy the water jet as you like. Lifesmart always uses Eco-Smart technology, a highly efficient energy management system which reduces your electricity bills. The hot tub uses a full-foam insulation system and a thick energy-saving spa cover that is designed to save money on the operation of the spa.

The Balboa topside controls

Balboa is one of the Biggest manufacturers of hot tub panels in the world. These panels always utilize patented Piezo electronic switch technology and unique potting techniques to eradicate moisture in loud environments. Their feature and reliability are second to none other.

The top side location also provides convenient access to the controls for all functions of the tub, including the water temperature, the jet settings, and mood lighting.

The Jets

There are 12 adjustable with rotating, high-therapy stainless steel jets which become operational when the preset temperature is reached. This is located in each corner of the tub, there are two jets on one side that will rotate; the others are stationary, although you can point them in any direction you want. You can turn the jets up to maximum power or turned off completely if desired. Comfort valves let you mix air and water to your desired level.

The hydrotherapy jets are also recessed in the wall of the spa. Just rotate the jet face anticlockwise to turn the jets on, clockwise to turn the jets off. Not all jets have the rotational face to turn them on and off. Turning a jet on or off will surely increase or decrease the effects of any jets “not” in the closed position.

The Waterfall

A hot tub waterfall will add to your spa experience by enhancing the relaxation & instilling soothing performance. While simply an add-in in some tubs, the waterfall is surely included in your purchase of the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug and Play. A control valve will operate the amount of flow through the waterfall from no flow to a regular stream. The air monitoring valve and the waterfall flow valve will look exactly the same, however; they are completely separate components.

Lights with changing colors

The top-side digital command center includes a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps, they are red and blue. By pressing the light switch button on and off will cause the light color to change to your desired color.

The Heat pump :

The 1.5 hp circulating pump is also the heating pump, a friction pump which captures the heat from the circulation pump and uses it to heat, thereby it enables you to better use a 110-volt outlet instead of a 220V outlet. The air pump automatically turns on when the temperature drops below the one you have selected earlier.

The Cover:

A two-inch thick and insulated cover keeps the warmth inside the tub and comes with clip locks as well.

The Built-in seats

Seating is always “barrier free.” Each of the 4 pail seats has a various jet placement so you can “pick your seat” depending on need. The seats rise up around 6 inches from the base of the tub.

The Top-loading filter with the skimmer basket

Filter changing on the top also offers the utmost in maintenance convenience system.

The Ozonator :

This device will keep your water sparkling clean and comes attached to the hose.

Super Energy efficiency:

The Lifesmart Simplicity spa uses Eco-Smart technology, a highly-efficient energy management system which minimizes energy needs and delivers better performance through its foam insulation system and thick cover that is designed to save on spa operation costs. This tub nicely meets the strict California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs.

The Power cord:

The power cord that Comes with an attached ground-fault interrupter plug.

The Accessories:

  • A Cover
  • The Chemical floater
  • A Filter Cartridge

The Materials:

Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity Plug & Play hot tub review shows that it is manufactured from one of the sturdiest plastics in the business world, the almost indestructible, high-impact Rock Solid Shell and Eco thermoplastic. The Sandstone Sahara shell and surround that blends beautifully into most outdoor settings.

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The Set-Up/Installation

The True plug and play – you need some muscle to get the unit into place, but two to four non-disabled adults can also handle it. Sometimes the delivery truck driver may assist you in positioning the tub at its setup location, but they aren’t bound to do so. You might offer the driver a few extra cash for their assistance or arrange in advance for the driver so that they can assist you. Otherwise, you need to call in a family member or friend or two for further assistance. Setup time is usually around 30 minutes or less.

The bottom of the tub is surely foam insulation, so it needs a level periphery, anything from the land, a deck, or an embodied slab on your patio or porch. One danger with setting the tub directly onto the ground is the potentiality of rot from water splashing over time. A simple raised wood platform would safely solve this issue.

In addition to that, if the spa is sitting directly on the ground, you need to place some mat where you’re entering the spa so that you can avoid getting the high dirt and leaves into the water from your feet.

An indoor sunroom is a great space for this hot tub, but if you have to move the tub through an interior space, you’ll require at least 33 inches of doorway space to get the tub through.

After the spa is placed in your desired location, you plug in the power cord located in the access panel, and it’s ready to go. No further assembly is needed. A dedicated circuit is a safe idea, though, to avoid the risk of overloading the spa’s outlet.

The spa has been designed for you so that by merely connecting power to the spa, the spa will automatically heat the water to the factory set temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit unless you set the spa to a different temperature you want. If power is disjoined from the spa, it will automatically revert to the factory set temperature of 100 degrees when power is reapplied again. There is the highest water heat of 104 degrees.

The access panel is presently under the control panel on the side directly across starting from the round purify you see in the top view photo. The panel door is 25 inches wide, and it begins approximately four inches up from the ground.

The only assembly you might need to do is to drill holes so that you can attach the buckles for the cover straps, as the cover comes unattached.

Water Filling and Draining:

Fill the tub by using a standard garden hose, which will take a few hours to complete. The instruction manual recommends not filling with hot or softened water.

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Comparison with other products:

The inflatable Lifesmart Simplicity Plug and Play 4-person spa have almost the same standard parts and features as any brand name hot tub, such as Balboa topside controls, with adjustable jets, and a top-loading filter, but also includes a highly super indestructible Rock Solid Shell. The Discovery Simplicity is also a 110-volt Plug and Play spa. This feature avoids the high cost of hot tub installation.

You can just set it up, and you can fill it up and plug it in. None but Lifesmartuses Eco-Smart technology, the highly efficient energy management system built into each Lifesmart Simplicity spa. Lifesmart Spas consume less energy and deliver better performance due to a full-foam insulation system and a thick energy-saving spa cover designed to save your money on the operation of the spa.

It also meets the strict California Energy Mandate for spas and hot tubs. As you know, the Lifesmart Simplicity Spa has four deep bucket seats complete with rotating back jets, a waterfall, and top-side comfort valves it will allow you to find the right mix of air and water for the perfect massage. The Simplicity also includes a top side digital command centre and a spa light with a set of interchangeable mood lens caps.

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  • It is easy to install. Once you have placed, just plug in the power cord, fill with water and allow time for heating.
  • It has High-end features, including adjustable jets, waterfall, built-in seats with mood lighting.
  • It has sturdy hard-sided construction.
  • The sound level is a so reasonable peaceful hum such that you can converse or watch television.
  • This hot tub can be enjoyed outdoors even in the cold temperatures as well.
  • The tub can be taken with you if you move anywhere.
  • Users were pleasantly surprised that the jets are highly powerful, in fact, comparable to those in a much larger and more expensive hot tub. The Jets are also adjustable and can even be shut off if you don’t want them to run.


  • It is heavy to move but manageable.
  • While it is advertised as accommodating up to 4 adults, most users feel more comfortable having only 2 people in the tub at one time.

Frequently Ask Questions:

1. Q: Is it really as easy as it says it is to set it up? Do you only have to plug it in? Is there any further assembly required?

Answer: Just plug it in and No assembly is required! Only work is to filling it & putting chemicals in the water.

2. Q: with whom can I talk to about my spa?? the show works, jets/light do not., only 80’f (set at 101)

Answer: The Custserv contact info is in the manual that came with the unit. you have to call them once when you first installed the unit and they are very helpful.

3. can this be used outside in cold temps?

Answer: Yes! You can use it.

4. Does the Lifesmart Rock Solid Simplicity 4 person really include the ozone water treatment system?

Answer: Yes and it is wonderful.

5. How many electrical amps is needed to run the tub?

Answer: Just a regular 110 will be worked for you.

Final Words:

In our today’s Lifesmart Inflatable Hot Tub Reviews we have cleared every single detail you need to know. However, if you have any further quarries please let us know. We will surely try our level best to satisfy you. Thank you all.

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