Newport Inflatable Boat Reviews for 2022

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Some short specifications:

In this Newport Inflatable Boat Reviews you will get the following information:

This Newport inflatable boat is USCG rated triple layered 0.9mm/1,100 denier specialty coated PVC having marine wood precision flooring Inflatable sports boat tender

Comes with:

This Newport inflatable boat comes with Aluminum Framed Marine Wood Flooring Set, along with aluminium bench seat, having 2 aluminium oars, you will also get carrying & storage bag, foot pump is also available, you will be provided pre-packed repair kit, there is a one way drain plug, towing D-rings will make things easy for you, 2 mounted carrying handles will be there, oar locks and oar holders are also present

Materials: Boat:

There will be Triple Layered 0.9mm / 1,100 denier Polyester reinforced, and anti-corrosive coated PVC is also provided.

 Material ensures protection Floor:

Against the sun, salt, corrosion, and all destructive elements 24mm thick aluminium framed custom hard marine coated plywood floor will make everything comfortable for you.

Best Newport Inflatable Boat Reviews 2022:

In this Newport inflatable boat reviews, you will get the following information

  1. Model: The Dana Inflated Length is 8 ft. 10 in,
  2. Tube Diameter is 18 in,
  3. Inflated Width is 5 ft,
  4. Chambers: 3 chambers,
  5. Weight: weight is 101 lbs.,
  6. Max Power: up to 10hp,
  7. Max Load: maximum load is 1,067 lbs.,
  8. Max Persons: maximum three people carrying system, High-pressure V hull & inflatable Keel


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What you need to know:

In spite of being spacious, this portable 8ft & 10in Dana inflatable dinghy has oversized 18-inch tubes which makes it the perfect fishing boat, yacht tender, or small runabout boat. These oversized tubes let you make the Dana very maneuverable and stable at high speeds. If you’re looking for performance and speed, then here is the ideal motor paring is the 9.9 Tohatsu outboard, Honda outboard, or Evinrude outboard or any comparable motor. You can reach speeds of us to 15-20 mph with this setup. The high-pressure inflatable keel lets the inflatable dinghy boat to achieve its maximum performance while accelerating, banking and turning.


In comparison with other sports boats on the running market, the Newport Vessels Dana is one of the best performing inflatable sports boats other sports boats (Saturn Inflatable Boat). This boat is nicely designed with an inflatable keel, plus 3 independent air tubes, made from the available highest quality 1100D PVC fabric, German engineered adhesives are also used here, and a robust marine wood floor; it’s no wonder the Dana is one of the best selling and highest rated tenders on the market.

With up to a 9.9hp outboard motor this 8’10” sports boat performs excellent, and this boat carries up to 3 people. With performance handling unseen in other sports boats It is capable of 20+ mph. When you think it’s time to head home, only you deflate and pack your boat back into the carrying bag, you need to toss it in your trunk and drive off. The Dana is an incredibly portable, compact and storable boat when deflated for the storage.

This boat comes with a 30-Day, guarantee to Float your Boat, so with confidence, you can buy! With a two-year manufacturer’s warranty Our ships arrive in the market, and surely we stand behind our products 100%. Contact Newport Vessels with your receipt for complimentary registration documents after purchase so that you can request the records, mailed same day free of charge. Boat registration laws vary according to the state to state, for local regulations you must check with your nearest DMV.


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Short description about Newport Inflatable Boat:

This Newport inflatable boat is of High quality along with heavy duty salt as well as freshwater inflatable sports dinghy tender boat. This boat is repeatedly tested and designed for both 15″ short shaft outboards and 20″ long shaft by the legal authorities. For the optimal performance of this boat, we recommend you a 15″ short shaft outboard. This Newport inflatable boat can easily handle both 2 or 4 stroke motors. This boat comes with original paperwork that is needed for smooth and hassles free registration as well. This Newport inflatable boat is USCG rated and registered. This boat is a unique and innovative Hull ID/HIN numbers along with each ship that comes with Newport Vessels with the two-year warranty.

 Services Offered:

A 30-Day Guarantee:  In all of our boats you will get Guarantee to Float Your Boat and a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. For reliable after sale support, we have California based customer service team.

All new Premium Quality Materials: Newport Vessels Dana is solidly made with the US Coast Guard rated 3x layer .9mm/1100D UV Coated PVC, and strongly glued with advanced German engineered adhesives. Features durable marine wood floors with aluminium framing for flooring.


In this Newport inflatable boat reviews you will get the following information:

  1. There is the presence of Air keel for easy planning.
  2. There is the presence of Sturdy carrying Handles,
  3. There is the presence of 3 stainless steel bow D-rings for towing your tender,
  4. There is the presence of self-bailing drain plug,
  5. There is the presence of Marine plywood transom mount, and
  6. There is the presence of Easy-Reach Grab Rope.


PVC Hull, Wood/Aluminum Floors Panels, 1x Aluminum Bench Seat, Patch & Repair Kit, 2x Aluminum Oars, Carrying Bag, and Foot Pump.

Performance/ Specs:

Inflatable V-Shaped Keel for natural planning, 18″ tubes for exceptional stability while turning. Can hold a 10hp engine, achieve 20+ mph top speed depending on conditions.


In this Newport inflatable boat reviews you will get the following information:

  1. This is an 8ft 10in Inflatable Boat
  2. The flooring Set is made of Aluminum Framed Marine Wood.
  3. The included Accessories are Set of Oars, Bench Seat, Repair Kit, Foot Pump, & DMV Registration Paperwork with Carrying Bag.

A Brief Description: 

In this Newport inflatable boat reviews you will get the following information:

With triple layered 1,100 denier PVC- Newport Vessels inflatable dinghy boats are constructed. What does this mean? This means that we use the same materials which is used in professional whitewater rafts as well. To give the article more flexibility for when storing away and folding up, we use an extra layer of polyester in our boats. Since our boats are made with the same construction methods, the same materials, and techniques, these dinghy boats are just as durable as whitewater rafts. Our dinghy boats are built to run into docks, be dragged up on shore and also to keep up with the tear and of wear boating.

This is the ideal mix of performance and portability, and the name of this boat is the all-new 8ft & 10in Dana model inflatable sports tender. On the current market this dinghy boat is made by the large 18-inch tubes, one of the most stable inflatable tender boats; both during times of floating still and high speed. For easily boarding the full footprint of the 8ft 10in Dana makes for a solid foundation for the boat besides loading the ship. This same excellent foundation makes for a stable ride platform during times of high speed and turning and a shallow center of gravity.

The materials that are used for the construction of the boat are even more impressive apart from the incredible performance of the 8ft 10in Dana model inflatable dinghy boat. For long-term dependability and product performance Newport Vessels only utilizes the extreme highest quality imported Korean PVC. You must be very cautious of cheap low-end Chinese PVC material which is constructed without UV protectants and flex additives. For becoming brittle quickly and breaking down within only months of use these materials are notorious.

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The highest quality imported German adhesives is used by Newport Vessels only specially formulated to avoid adhesion breakdowns, delamination, and chemical corrosion damage. They’re not using them if brands aren’t talking about their high-quality German adhesives. To ensure a high-quality product that customers of all types will love Newport Vessels uses only the highest quality PVC adhesives and materials from world-class suppliers.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Newport Vessels boasts a meticulous manufacturing process that includes water leak tests, quality control pressure tests, stretch tests, and UV tests. To create better and better inflatable sport boat products, It has provided the Newport Vessels design team with incredible inflatable dinghy design and manufacturing technical experiences as they are designing and building boats since 2008 that are continually evolving.

Why you need to buy this boat:

In this Newport inflatable boat reviews you will get the following information:

This is a great boat:

Maybe you Spend a lot of time by considering something so that you can fish out of. You might look at a lot of kayaks, but surely you may not have the room so that you can store it and actually on the roof you don’t want to haul it. You might be started looking at all the inflatable kayaks, but with all the planning of yours of what you want about the kayak containing for a trolling motor with modifications. For the price, this one hit all the right buttons if you start looking at inflatables.

Best Inflatable Boats

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Easy to set up:

This boat is convenient to use as you can deflate it and for travel put it in the truck. It is being said to set it up is very easy, and now that you may also do it a couple of times, one person can have this inflated very quickly and in the water within just 20 minutes. This boat works great with two people on the ship; you have options to use a 55lb thrust electric motor with it.

Good Quality as well as Good Price:

If you want, you can use this boat to catch fish and have fun, and this will be easily transportable.  For both the price and the quality this boat is the best for you.

An excellent little boat for the money:

This boat is very pleasantly surprised by the performance and quality of this Inflatable, according to the price. To blow up and install the floorboards It is relatively easy, but you can only do it on land. You may not want to struggle on the deck of a 30′ sailboat trying so that you can inflate and launch this dinghy. This boat stays in the water and is powered which is more than enough for two people and supplies aboard as well, The oars can be easily stored, and the center of gravity is not that much high when you are sitting on the seat.

The foot pump quickly inflates the vessel, and during the season you won’t have any problems with the air loss. You will have a fair amount of barnacles on the bottom at the end of the season, but with a disposable plastic epoxy spreader they will come off quickly. Northstar Boat Launching Wheels is provided to anyone who buys it. To the stern with a few bolts, The mountings are easily attached, and You can easily remove the wheels up in seconds. With the launching wheels, one person can quickly move the boat around on land.

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In this Newport inflatable boat reviews you will get the following information:

  1. This boat is very easy to use
  2. This is an inexpensive boat
  3. Anyone can use this boat
  4. This boat is light is weight
  5. You will be very much comfortable
  6. It has easy inflation & deflation system
  7. It has high portability.
  8. This has three years warranty.


  1. May not perform well in a windy weather

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