Almost every parent knew the benefits of using a car seat and a stroller. The car seats and strollers sold in travel systems are usually less expensive compared to purchasing the two separately. Since the two can be clocked together, they can always be used as one big system. The Baby Trend Nexton Travel System is one of the least expensive systems currently available in the market. Read the Full Baby Trend Nexton Travel System Reviews to know more about this travel system below.

Reasons Why You Should Buy the Baby Trend Nexton Travel Systembaby trend nexton travel system reviews

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Here are some of the key features of the Baby Trend Nexton Travel System.

1. Flex-Loc System

The baby trend nexton travel system does use a Flex-Loc technology which you see in most of the recent infant car seats. Its car seat does come with a base that can be installed using the LATCH system. In order to have the car seat installed in your car, all you have to do is press on the car seat button into the base.

It is easy to have the Latch system installed and it does allow an individual to always have the base kept inside the car so that there is no need of installing the child’s car seat on every trip you go for with your child.

It is very easy to remove the car seat from the base in your vehicle and have it clicked onto the stroller. This can be achieved when your child is still small. After they have grown bigger and do have better neck control, they can be more comfortable while sitting in the stroller itself.

Whenever you are using the car seat on the stroller, the face of the baby should always face you since the car seat is supposed to face backward. With this, you can always keep a close eye on the newborn. It does have a window in the canopy that makes it possible for you to check on your child when walking.

2. Multiple Reclining Positions

The baby buggy found in this system does have multiple reclining positions. It makes it possible for one to place their kids upright or lay them back for a nap. Most parents do like going for a seat with many reclining positions since on a sunny day it makes it possible for one to keep their son out of the sun rays.

3. Easy to Fold

The stroller that comes with this system does feature a single hand fold mechanism that allows for easy and quick storage. Its one-hand fold feature will take one sometime before they get used to it. However, this is never that simple as most people think it is. It is a bit large in size weighing 33 pounds that you are trying to fold up hence, you will need some coordination.

4. 5 point harness system

Have you ever read through the car seat reviews?  You might have come across parents who rave or rant about the different seat buckles and belts. Do you know you could ever spend lots of effort trying to adjust the simple harness? The harness that is on this car seat is very easy to adjust.

The baby trend Nexton travel system does get extra points from its users since its stroller does have a five-point harness system. This is an important feature for the stroller since it ensures your child will never wriggle his way out.

5. Snack Space and More

The Baby Trend Nexton Travel System does have typical features for any parent who is pushing it. It does feature two cup holders, a peek a boo window in the canopy and an adjustable height handle. It also comes with a snack tray for the kids.

6. Narrow Seat

Measuring only 15.5 inches in width, this car seat is a bit narrow which is a great thing, especially when you have a small car or you are trying to fit several cars eat in the same car. However, there are other higher-quality choices for both the narrow car seats and the travel systems.

7. Weight Limitations

This infant car seat does have a weight restriction of 5-30 pounds which is capable of lasting your child at least some years. The baby trend Nexton travel system does have a height limit of 30 inches and even when you have a smaller kid; it is advisable that you first move to a convertible seat when your child gets to one year old.  The stroller of the baby trend Nexton travel system has a weight limit of 50 pounds. This offers one enough time to make good use of it.


1. It is of low quality when compared to other travel systems

The baby trend Nexton travel system is considered to be among the least expensive travel systems currently available in the market. However, it does have a few downfalls. It is not that sturdy when compared to other travel systems such as the more expensive models like the BOB and Baby Jogger Citi Mini strollers. However, this might not be of great bother if you are not after a top of the line stroller.

Baby Trend Nexton Travel System

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2. Difficult to Maneuver

This baby trend Nexton travel system stroller does have bad handling which makes it a bit difficult to maneuver around. This is mainly attributed to its small front wheel. In case you are planning on using the pram on a smooth and flat surface like the street or sidewalk, you will never experience any problems like handling issues.  However, when you are taking this stroller on grass or when you are trying to maneuver it around the cloth rack when shopping, it can get frustrating.

3. Rear-Facing Only

The car seat does come with this baby trend Nexton travel system that is rear-facing only. It can never be converted into a forward-facing car seat. There are experts who do insist on moving to a convertible car seat when their child gets to one year old. It means one will only get to use this car seat for one year.

However, it all depends on whatever you are interested in a car seat for your newborn. There are parents who are always in need of a lightweight car seat similar to the one that comes with this system.

4. Reduce

Whenever the car seat is fully reclined on the stroller, you are bound to lose some storage space in the underneath basket. As one responsible for jam-packing the storage basket, this can easily become a nuisance. In case you are a light packer, this will never affect you that much.

5. Limited Head Support

The stroller does feature large head support which can be used in either the cars eat or the stroller. It means that one will always have to switch the head support between the stroller and the car seat when one does not use the stroller and the car seat as a combined system.

The head support will not offer the same support as compared to other head supports which are seen in the car seats. There is a possibility that you might find yourself looking somewhere else for the extra insert to enable you to keep the head of the infant from falling to the side.

6. Cost

This baby trend Nexton travel system is among the cheapest travel systems currently available in the market. It is a classic system and any buyer will always get what they pay for and will always get a better quality when they are ready and in a position to spend more.

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Ease of Use Rating

When it comes to the safety of the baby trend Nexton travel system, its installation and ease of use are of great importance.  With all the car seats needed to pass the federal safety testing, there are car seats that are much easier to use compared to others. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is responsible for computing the ease of use for every car seat in different categories.  Overall, the Baby Trend Nexton Travel System does have a rating of 4 stars.


In this Baby Trend Nexton Travel System Reviews, This was our Opinion and result of our deep Searching. The baby trend Nexton travel system is much cheaper when compared to other similar travel system models by other manufacturers.  Sometimes people do say less is more! In such a case, less is well, yes less is perfect! It does have small front wheels that will leave one always frustrated while there is nothing one can write about this travel system storage.

In case you are interested in a basic travel system, then the baby trend Nexton travel system might be the right choice for you. However, from my perspective, it is worth spending more for a travel system of higher quality.

No one wants to dread using the stroller all the time. In case this is something you will be using on a daily or weekly basis, then it is appropriate that you go for higher quality models that are available in the market.

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