Common Stand up Paddle Board Injuries

Hello! Welcome. hope you guys well. today we are going to write about some are the common injuries in stand up paddle boarding. it’s a little bit interesting and different topic what we going to explain. To get you safer, that’s what we are excited to write about.

Stand up paddle boarding. Yes, that is a big activity, sports. and stand up paddle boarding has really boomed on the gold coast over the past couple of years. Here it is very common in us. Over 2.8 million people participant according to 2014. You will see people paddle boarding pretty much any time of day. So I think it’s pretty much common nowadays. Because of a lot of people do it.

And people get injured by stand up paddle boarding. It’s really happened. Individually we can say this injures get happens with beginner’s who Don’t know how to move the paddle as well and how to balance themselves.

If we talk about competitive people in stand up paddle boarding, they get more injured in order to participant in paddle boarding competition. That’s pretty much fun. But some people lose their balance. maybe. or they might not be aware of injuries. So we here we are able to write about some most common reason why get people injured in stand up paddle boarding below.

Some of the most common injuries stand up paddle boarding include.

There are many people fall in accident and fatalities due to stand up paddle boarding. Especially who don’t know the maneuver of moving the paddle. we are going to write about some common injuries in strand up paddle boarding.

  • Back injuries.

Due to the constant bending and pushing the motion required to maneuver the paddle and propel the board.  the paddle blade moving in the wrong way is the common reason for getting a back injury.

  • Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries.

These are an issue because of the serious demand on these muscles from the constant paddling motion. It will depend up to you how you paddle as correct or wrong.

  • Leg and knee injuries.

These happen from the constant standing and squatting motion.

  • Head and neck injuries.

Due to falls of the board in some cases or for doing some mistake in paddle boarding.

There are so many injuries in stand up paddle boarding which is happened, unfortunately. so people have to get practice knowing the technique as well. Here we are going to talk about why people get injured in case of some mistake.

Paddle Board Injuries


The most common reason why get people gets injured in stand up paddle boarding.

1. Using the wrong equipment.

You never want to set you up for failure before you even step foot in the water. You must need to get a perfect board. Balancing on the board will be difficult at first. So find a board that sturdy, firm, and stable.

So it’s common for beginners to start off on a board that’s too thin, too short, or isn’t sturdy enough to hold their weight. And the length of the paddle must have to be adjusted that match their height. and Use of the too short or long paddle will the sport difficult, and make you riskier on stand up paddle boarding.  And can cause injuries or aching muscles. So we just got the point that is wrong equipment can make people injured. Get them more accident.

2. going it alone.

We just writing about stand up paddle boarding injuries to get people being aware. We will never want you to fall in an accident. So as much as possible we try to get you with our best. An injured will ruin a perfect day on the water with no doubt. All of these tragedies can be easily prevented with your best friends. Make sure when you want to paddle boarding on the water, bring a friend who has experience as well. And definitely, your experienced friend will make you safer. If you must go alone, always tell someone where you will be. And promise to check in at a certain time.

3. Heading out in a rough condition.

We are heading out the rough condition that is getting out on your inflatable stand up paddle board in bad weather is the worst thing that you could do. Some of the treacherous condition like currents, wind, waves. Or something like that is extremely harmful to a rookie. As beginners, it’s important to get aware of all kinds of treacherous things. There are lots of phone apps to download that will keep you up-to-date on conditions. Or talk to a lifeguard. So when you get to the stand-up paddle board you must have care about which is related to stand up paddle boarding.

4. holding the paddle incorrectly.

Holding the paddle incorrectly is the most common mistake made by beginners. This also a reason what makes a man injured. The paddle blade has to be the move in the right way. If you want to do like a pro, the blade should slope at an angle from you. This way, you will get the smoother stroke and much less stress on your elbows and shoulders.

5. paddle in crowded waters.

You’re a beginner, falling in the water isn’t fun. Because you don’t know how to paddle as well in the crowded water. Especially there are lots of people around. Learning how to balance themselves. Stand up paddle boarding in the crowded water is riskier and might be the cause of injured.  And definitely, this is not fun anyway. The fun of stand up paddle boarding comes with exploring and relaxing. Both of which aren’t possible in crowded water. If you want to make yourself safer you couldn’t do it at the time of beginning.

6. falling off the boards wrong.

you may fall into the water form board. Nothing to be insulted. Even the experts fall off. You may think just like you are practicing and using the paddle. you must do about falling in a right way or wrong way. The difference between falling correctly and incorrectly is the injury you will end up with. The paddle board is big and crazy like when they hit you. So when you fall, fall away from the board. You have the leash, so don’t panic.

Now you know what to do and what Not to do. Congratulations! You can paddle and hit the water worry-free. Enjoy the Sunshine. Happy paddling.

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