Polar Aurora Canister Filter Review: Is it worth buying in 2020?

The answer to that question is “Yes, it is”. The brand Polar Aurora is pretty popular in this sector and they can make good quality filters. The external filters are powerful and they have a huge amount of positive user reviews for their features in a short budget.

In this Polar Aurora Canister filter review article, we’ll talk about two powerful external filters for your tank. We’ll discuss their features, specs, pros, and cons. At last, we’ll share our opinion about each of them. If you own a tank and you’re looking for a canister filter, take a look at our reviews. So without wasting your valuable time read the full Polar Aurora Canister filter review below.

Polar Aurora 525 GPH 4 Stage External Canister Filter

If you own a tank for your favorite pet and you want to buy an external canister filter, maybe the Polar Aurora 525 GPH Filter is the best choice for you. It comes up with a great capacity of filtering 525 gallons per hour.

With its 9 watt UV bulb, algae problems will be eliminated easily. By the by, the 4 stage cleaner will keep your pet safe and sound. But, before you make a decision, take a look at our inner review where we’ll be talking about its features, pros, and cons.

Polar Aurora Canister Filter Review
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Features of Polar Aurora 525 GPH 4 Stage External

Canister Filter

Come on below to read all the crucial features of the polar aurora canister filter.

Four Media Tray

For exclusive filtration, the Polar Aurora 4 stage Canister filter features 4 different media tray. These trays are capable of holding different media according to your choice.

It means you can get mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration at the same time by adding some media to the trays like bio-balls, ceramic rings, or activated carbon.

The 4 stage media tray ensures that the water goes through a lot of phases of filtration and your fish can get the clean water.

Adjustable Spray Bar

The adjustable spray bar is included so that you can adjust the water flow. This is a helpful feature when you want to adjust the output flow from the filter.

Sometimes you might just want to keep your tank noise-free or you’re getting your fish out of the tank, you’ll need to decrease the water flow rate. This feature will help a lot then.

9 Watt UV Sterilizer

The Polar Aurora 525 GPH external filter contains a 9 watt UV bulb to protect your tank from algae problems. It also prevents any kind of bacteria from growing up in your tank.

With this UV Sterilizer, your fish will be safe and out of any harm. Besides, the water will be as clean as possible. Your fish will like this very much.

The bulb will provide a bit of illumination too! This will help you to watch over your fish when the surround is dark.

The O-ring

This feature seems to be the simplest but trusts me, this feature made it one of the best canister filters because it gives you the assurance that your filter is not leaking. The O ring has located the opening of the Filter body.

When you attach the filter cap, the O ring helps it to stay tighten. You’ll get a leak-proof seal and you won’t have to worry about it for several months.

The Self Priming Pump

The filter also contains a self-priming pump. It means you don’t have to worry about manual siphoning. The filter itself can manage to do it perfectly. What you have to do is set up the filter correctly and that’s all.

Just pressing a button will do the job of manual siphoning or tubing.

Filter Specs

Filter Capacity: 200 Gallons

Dimensions: 11x 17x 11 in.

Weight: 17 Pounds

Media Tray: 4

Flow Rate: 525 Gallon per Hour

                       The Pros ♥                   

Huge Capacity

The best thing it can do is it can filter a huge amount of water. According to the manufacturer, the filter is capable of dealing with a 200-gallon tank at an ease. You can add this with a larger tank too! But 200 gallons is pretty huge, isn’t it?

High Flow Rate

The mentionable feature is this one. It can easily filter 525 gallons of water per hour. It means if you use a tank of 200 gallons, your water will be cleaned almost 3 times per hour. Your fish will get the most cleaned water all the time.

Easy to set up

The filter comes up with a user manual to give you an easy setup method though it’s too much easy to set up a canister filter.

It comes up with everything you may need while you’re setting up the filter. So, you don’t have to worry about it. Besides, you can just search on youtube for a tutorial and you can set it up.


With the Polar Aurora, you can get the convenience of using a self-priming canister filter. The task siphoning is a bit messy and if you use this filter, you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Medicine for Algae problems

The 9 watt UV sterilizer helps to prevent such a problem. Besides, it can kill any kind of bacteria growing up in your tank. This is a great facility that ordinary canister filters can’t provide.

Available parts

The parts of this filter are available everywhere. By the by, these parts are cheap to buy.

Not Noisy

Why do you keep a fish in a tank or aquarium? Because it gives you inner peace. But the scenario remains peaceful no longer if you have a noisy filter. However, this 4 stage polar aurora filter is too quiet and you won’t feel such a problem.

                       The Cons ø                   

Not for Turtles

The most mentionable bad side of this filter is it’s not recommended for turtles. It’s made for fish tanks only. It’s good for fishes. But sometimes, you may want to keep turtles as a pet and then it’ll not work.

Isn’t powerful for Higher Capacity

Though the manufacturer says it can work with tanks upper than 200 gallons but some of the users claimed that it doesn’t show much power with a higher capacity than 200 gallons.

Overall Opinion

If you own a huge fish tank or aquarium of 200 gallons and you need a canister filter, we highly recommend you this Polar Aurora 4 stage canister filter. You can get a lot in a short budget if you go for this one.

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Polar Aurora 3 Stage External Canister Filter with 9 Watt UV Sterilizer 370 GPH

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The Polar Aurora 3 stage filter is almost like the younger brother of the Polar Aurora 4 stage canister filter. There are only a few differences like 3 media stages, the flow rate of 370 GPH, Capacity 100 gallons, etc.

But the features and facilities are almost the same. However, let’s take a quick overview of this product too and jump to the verdict section.


  • 3 Media Stages

It contains 3 media trays to keep the water as clean as possible. You can add media according to your choice in these trays. This is different from the 4 stage filter and the water will face 3 stages of filtration.

  • Adjustable Spray Bar

It also has an adjustable spray bar to adjust the output flow of the filter.

  • 9 watt UV sterilizer

Just like the 4 stage Polar Aurora, this one also has a 9 watt UV Sterilizer to fight against Algae problems.

  • The O ring

It also has the O ring at the opening to keep your filter sealed and leak-free.

  • Self Priming Pump

It features a 35-watt self-priming pump. No need manual siphoning with this filter too!

Filter Specs

Filter Capacity: 100 Gallons

Dimensions: 11x 17x 11 in.

Weight: 16 Pounds

Media Tray: 3

Flow Rate: 370 Gallon per Hour

                       The Pros ♥                   

  • 100 Gallon Capacity

This is a mentionable difference between the 2 filters. This one can work well with tanks of 100 gallons. When the 4 stage could deal with 200 gallons easily.

  • Flow rate

The flow rate is a bit lower than the 4 stage filter. The flow rate of this filter is 370 gallons per hour. It’s not a massive flow rate. But it’s pretty enough for a tank of 100 gallons or lower.

  • Easy to Set up

Just like the previous one, this 3 stage filter also comes up with all packed and it’s pretty easy to set the filter up.

  • Convenient

With the self-priming pump, you can get the convenience of an external filter.

  • Solution to Algae

The 9 watt UV sterilizer is a solution to embarrassing algae problems.

  • Availability

This one also comes up with cheap and available parts so that you can easily replace them.

  • Quiet

Just like the previous 4 stage filter, this one is also quite and serves peace of mind.

                       The Cons ø                   

  • Not for Turtle

As we’ve told this one is almost like a younger brother to the 4 stage filter, this one is also not good for turtles.

  • Can’t Work with Higher Capacity

The manufacturer says it can fit on a tank higher than 100 gallons. But most of the users claimed that it doesn’t work well with that capacity.

Overall Opinion

If your tank or aquarium is just a little smaller or the capacity is 100 gallons or lower than 100 gallons, go for this one. Otherwise, the best option for you is the 4 stage filter as the price difference is not too much.

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In this Polar Aurora canister filter review article, we’ve reviewed 2 models of Polar Aurora canister filter along with their pros and cons. These two are tested by our experts and according to market ranking, these are the best Polar Aurora canister filters right now.

If you have a tank that requires a filter, go for one of these two undoubtedly.

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