The Sunsun Canister Filter Review in 2020

Do you own an aquarium? There is some point where you will have to filter the water to make it clean by removing harmful debris and other dirt.

Well, is the Sunsun worth the money the manufacturer asks for? Let’s try to find out on the Sunsun Canister Filter review!

However, most people do get it difficult when it comes to choosing the best canister filter in the market to help in cleaning their aquarium.

The popularity of canister filters have grown in popularity and more people are today using it. One reason why most people do prefer using the best canister filter in the market is that they do come with a superior biological, chemical and mechanical filtration capability.

The best Sunsun canister filters can be used for freshwater, turtle, reel and saltwater tanks. In this guide, we will be looking at the best Sunsun Canister Filter Reviews together with essential factors one should consider when shopping for one.

Read more about this review and get a better understanding of why you should get the Sunsun canister filter. In this review, we’ve included various in-depth evaluations.

Top 6 Best Sunsun Canister Filter Review

  1. Sunsun HW-3000 UV 9W 5-Stage External Canister
  2.  SunSun Hw304B 525GPH Canister Filter
  3. SunSun Sun HW-704B 525 GPH Canister Filter
  4. SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit
  5. SunSun HW-404B 525 GPH Canister Filter
  6. Sunsun HW-703B Canister Filter

1. Sunsun HW-3000 UV 9W 5-Stage External Canister

sunsun hw-3000 canister filter review

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A Sunsun HW-3000 canister filter is well known for its excellent performance and high quality which helps in deep cleaning. It comes with excellent features like simple set up, adjustable flow rate and a three-way filtration.

It also comes with a high LCD which helps in adjusting the rate of flow fast while at the same time filtering the fish water tank. It also reveals the UV light extent. It consists of an excellent UV sterilizer that assists in clearing all the dirt inside the aquarium providing freshwater supply. It can also help in keeping the fish tank free from any dirt, creating a better environment for the fish to live.

It is a durable and robust filter that works excellent on clearing all the bacteria and germs.


  • Its filtration option helps in cleaning germs and bacteria at ease.
  • It is simple to set up
  • Its UV light timer works perfectly for filtration
  • It has perfect and excellent features


  • The user manual is a bit complicated

aquarium with kids

2. SunSun Hw304B 525GPH Canister Filter

sunsun hw 304

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It is considered to be one of the best Sunsun canister filters currently available in the market. It does have an excellent filter for the aquarium thanks to its high capacity and flow rate.  It is a very compact filter with sturdy build; hence; you can easily hide it under the water, making it difficult for people to notice it.

SunSun Hw304B 525GPH Canister Filter is very silent and smooth in operation. It never causes any unwanted vibrations and noises which can harm marine life.  It helps in ensuring that your aquarium is habitable for any creature that resides in the water. It also has excellent build thanks to its high tubing and seals which are robust and capable of lasting for a pretty long time.

It comprises a filter basket that is highly customizable, making it easy to maintain and configure. It is an excellent choice of a canister filter if you like making comparison with different filter media.


  • It is excellent for the large fish tanks
  • It is well built
  • Has a high flow rate
  • It is of a decent filtration procedure
  • Has a sterilizer that helps in controlling the algae and bacteria


  • Its parts are made of plastic
  • User manual and assembly are not sufficient

3. SunSun Sun HW-704B 525 GPH Canister Filter

sunsun sun hw 704B

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The SunSun Sun HW-704B canister filter capacity is suitable for the larger tanks. It is capable of filtrating up to 150 gallons with much ease.

It also has a tremendous 525-gph flow and can be used together with smaller containers having the option of adjusting a spray bar to help in controlling the flow output. It means that if you successfully manage to upgrade the size of your tank, you do have a perfect filter for the job.

The filter also boasts of having five filtration stages.

It comprises of a UV sterilizer which has been constructed in a way that the UV bulb is housed in the filter.  It will ensure it kills unwanted algae and bacteria.

It also comes with a UV safety sensor which ensures it is working well and does not cause any damage to the filter.  It is a feature that does not come with all the filters hence; it is an important filter especially when you are interested in a five stage filter.

The pump design helps in keeping any unwanted vibration and noise low which is an important consideration when shopping for a new filter.


  • Comes with a UV sterilizer safety sensor
  • Has a five-stage filtration
  • Comfortable and cute priming using the prime button which makes life easier
  • Has a good capacity


  • No warranty period information
  • No media that comes with this model

4. SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit

sunsun canister filter review

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It is another excellent choice of a canister filter. It is perfect for tanks having the 100-gallon capacity and has an impressive flow rate of 350 gallons in one hour. Despite having a pretty low capacity when compared to the HW-403B, this filter is still of high performance and quality.

It comes with media trays which can accept other media types. It is also compatible with the ceramic, bio balls and carbon rings.  Due to its excellent feature, the 303B is capable of doing high-quality chemical, mechanical and biological filtration. It also contains the UV sterilizer that helps in preventing bacterial growth.

You can never laugh about the overall build of this canister filter since it is capable of withstanding pressure without malfunctioning.


  • It has a high flow rate
  • It is ideal for water tanks of 350-gallon capacity
  • It is durable and of compact size
  • Has a sterilizer that helps in preventing bacterial growth


  • Its user manual is challenging to understand
  • Only has a three-stage filter

5. SunSun HW-404B 525 GPH Canister Filter

sunsun hw 404B

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It is an HW304B modified version. We cannot say that supersedes the HW304B and we cannot conclude that it is weaker than HW304B.  One main reason why we do say that they do resemble is that both of them do have similar flow rate capacity. They have also been designed to cater for the aquariums and 150-gallon water tanks.

The only difference between the two is that the HW-404B does have a smoother operation, and the vibration it produces is never noticeable.


  • It comes with a five-stage filter
  • It is silent than HW-404B
  • Efficient and fast infiltration
  • It has quality built
  • Has a 9W UV sterilizer


  • The user manual is not well detailed especially in the process of setting it up
  • Loose media baskets

6. Sunsun HW-703B Canister Filter

sunsun hw-703B

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Investing in Sunsun HW-703B Canister Filter will enable you always to keep your aquarium clean.  This filter is meant for 100 gallons tanks. It does have a removable tray which combines chemical, biological and mechanical agents of filtration to assist in filtering the water in the tank.

It does have a spray bar that assists in increasing aeration levels of oxygen together with an ultraviolet sterilizer which helps in doing away with harmful microorganisms and algae. Its design helps in freeing up space in the tank. It also has a free shut off tap which makes the process of cleaning mess-free and easy.

This canister filter uses a multi-stage approach to help infiltration process. Filtration of the aquarium water through three internal baskets that is full of different media material offers extreme mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.  It also draws water through the inlet tube returning crystal clear water ultimately. Its outlet tube is also fitted with a spray bar to help in increasing the levels of oxygen aeration inside the tank.


  • It is easy to clean when using the drip-free shut off the tap
  • It does away with the harmful organisms, cloudiness and algae
  • Maintains a healthy level of oxygen


  • It is a bit expensive

A Buyers Guide on Choosing the Canister Filter:

The simple truth is beginner’s face many difficulties while choosing a canister filter for purifying fish tanks. There are some products having amazing features but a bit costly on the other hand some have adaptable prices but lack features. And the final benefit we want to talk about on our Sunsun Canister Filter review is its price

If you are having the same problem then no need to worry as I’m here to give you some ideas on choosing a perfect canister filter with a buyer’s guide:

Superior Flow Rates

The canister filters have amazing filtrations power by using their powerful flow rates. So, the first thing to note before buying any filters is to check its flow rate. The flow rate is the key to filtrate fast and more rapidly. For that reason, try to get a product that has an adaptable flow rate for filling the water quickly.

Adaptable Media Range

The adaptable media range helps to give the filter to purify acutely which is needed for deep filtration. Therefore, make sure to get a product that has an adaptable media range for deep cleaning. It may seem unimportant but it’s essential for cleaning in 3-way filtration.

Simple to Install

The next thing to consider before getting any canister filter is to check its maintenance. Yes, it isn’t an optional thing as you will stick with it for many months which means it’s needed to be simple to install. So, always try to choose a product that is simple to install or maintain.

Simple to Clean

Cleaning is the main reason for getting a canister filtration, right?  If so, then try to choose a product that is simple to fight the germs or microorganisms. The product should have 3-way purification options for cleaning deeply. So, try to buy a product which can clean the fish tank without difficulty.

Noiseless Motorized Process

Another thing to consider is to get a product that has noiseless motorized processions. That may look trivial but it’s essential for filtering night time. Many people find the sound irritating which disturbs a peaceful environment. So, try to get a product that has soundproof motorized process.

Well-Built Filtration

The canister filtrations are being used for filtering with great features to support the movement. That means you need a product that can make an environment for fish to live peacefully with no chemical or harmful agent. Also, look for a canister filter which can protect the fishes to get rid of disease or disinfection.


There you have our Sunsun Canister Filter review!

On the whole, canister filters great for regular usage and works fine for providing fresh oxidant agents. It is useful for fishes to get pure and fresh water experience.

If you are interested in buying a canister filter, don’t forget to read the comment section for understanding its pros and cons better. You can try searching on YouTube for understanding its workings and usage rightly.

I hope this sunsun  canister filter review gives you lots of knowledge with buyer’s guide and hope you’ll try this product for filtering fish tank. Good luck!

What about you? Has our Sunsun Canister Filter Review helped you make a purchase decision?

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