Sunsun HW-603B Canister Filter Review 2020

Canister filters are for a filter for fish tank which can purify dirt or chemical pollution through the mechanical motor. It helps to clear the filth with simple maintenance for giving fishes a better-sanitized water experience.

If you are a newbie who wants a high-quality and better performance filter for cleansing fish tank, then I may suggest you get this product. According to the sunsun 603b canister filter review, it has large media capability with perfect cleaning support.

This amazing product is designed for holding over 20-gallon fish tank capacity which provides fresh and hygienic water. I would like to give you some ideas on this product features for beginners to learn better. Let’s get started!

Supreme Flow Rate

To begin with this product, it has an amazing flow rate for sanitizing better. The main function of this product is designed for pumping water for over 106 GPH which is better than other regular filters. With this flow rate, you can sanitize the dirty water by filling 400 liters per hour.

Also, it helps to fill the fish tank without difficulties in a few hours. The speed of flow rate is right for a smaller fish tank for filling fresh and hygienic water. Plus, it can also remove chemicals or formalin water with amazing mechanical tech for supplying better water.

Amazing UV Sterilizer

This product has great UV sterilizer for clearing with biochemical, biological and mechanical filtration. With this 3 way sanitizing mood, your fish can enjoy fresh bacteria-free water for roaming every corner. The canister filters work fine for fighting germs and bacteria like avengers with triple action.

Also, it helps to promote UV rays to destroy all the germs or microbes within a few minutes. The product work amazing on fighting bacteria for not coming back ever again.  It can also reduce the chances of disease or illness to get into one fish from another with its effective light.

sunsun 603b cansiter filter review

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Trouble-Free To Use

The next feature of this canister filter is its trouble-free preservation. It works fine for clearing germs with effective motorized machines which is simple to use. It is work on a motor which helps to remove all the germs through UV ray for disinfecting water. Also, the product is super simple to filter.

It helps to clean all the fish dirt or poop with the foaming filter when the water goes inside of this filter.  The water gets clean by the biological filtration which helps to remove all the chemical or harmful effects. And then, it cleans acutely by the carbon balls to clean the fish tank deeply.

Has Logical Value

The product has amazing features with logical value for a beginner to get. It has 3-way filtration options, simple usability, amazing UV sterilizer, and better flow rate, etc which make it perfect to start with. Also, the price is reasonable with lots of features to adapt, just think about it.

It has great quality and worth with great cleansing option which helps to get rid of disease or disinfect. Also, it has an amazing pressurized motor for providing water into the fish tank with pure and fresh water. The product is an all-in-one package with amazing features and logical value to purchase.

Has Large Media Filters

Let me say it straightly, this product has amazing large media filtration for fresh and clean water with 3-way purifications. It has mechanical, biological and chemical purification options by removing all the germs and microbes with no trouble.

The product cleans the fish grimes by using the foaming filtration to observe all the water-dirt into it. After that, it prevents all the chemical or harmful agents by using the bio-home tech. The product cleanses better with its large media filtration.

Wonderful for Small Tanks

This product has good quality and lots of features which makes it suitable for small fish tanks filtration. It has wonderful bearings for over 20 gallons of water which is perfect for small tanks. The canister filters can handle 106 GPH which works fine for purifying water without difficulties.

It has a large space for fitting biocarbon or bio-balls to clear the water of a small fish tank. The product works marvelously for fighting the germs for unsullied and unpolluted water supply on the pool.

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Silent Motorized Function

Another feature of this product is it has a unique silent motor that works on mechanical gears to produce fresh and clean water. The product has a pressurized 3-way purification option which helps to clean deeply with no noise.

It helps to clean rightly with mechanical, biological and chemical purification which promotes carbon and bio-balls to achieve clean and pure water supply. The product helps to provide UV sterilizer for removing all the bacteria or microbes with no trouble.

It simply sanitizes the fish tank by the silent motor which allows pump to absorb all dirt and impurity into the machine to provide fresh water.

  • This product is great in value and quality.
  • It works fine for 3-way filtrations on the fish tank.
  • This product is perfect for a beginner to use.
  • It has a peaceful motor which helps to pump better.
  • The product can fill for over 20 gallons with good flow rate.
  • It has weak plastic parts that require more pressure to install.

Sunsun 603B Canister Filter Review

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Frequently Asked Question!

Q1: How Does this Product clean the water?

Ans: Well, it has a 3-way filtrations option by mechanical, biological and chemical filtrating. The product requires bio-balls or carbon for achieving clean and freshwater. With this bio-balls and carbons, all the dirt goes far away. Also, the UV sterilizer destroys all the germs through the UV light.

Q1: Do the canisters have a spray?

Ans: Yes, it does have a spray bar. This spray bar helps to provide water to go into the fish tank after filtration.

Ans:  Is there any warranty option for replacement?

Ans: No, there is no warranty support for a replacement. But, you can check the delivered product if any problem occurs after getting. Then, you can contact the Canister warranty service.

A Buyers Guide on Choosing the Canister Filter:

The simple truth is beginner’s face many difficulties while choosing a canister filter for purifying fish tanks. There are some products having amazing features but a bit costly on the other hand some have adaptable prices but lack features.

If you are having the same problem then no need to worry as I’m here to give you some ideas on choosing a perfect canister filter with a buyer’s guide:

Superior Flow Rates

The canister filters have amazing filtrations power by using their powerful flow rates. So, the first thing to note before buying any filters is to check its flow rate. The flow rate is the key to filtrate fast and more rapidly. For that reason, try to get a product that has an adaptable flow rate for filling the water quickly.

Adaptable Media Range

The adaptable media range helps to give the filter to purify acutely which is needed for deep filtration. Therefore, make sure to get a product that has an adaptable media range for deep cleaning. It may seem unimportant but it’s essential for cleaning in 3-way filtration.

Simple to Clean

Cleaning is the main reason for getting a canister filtration, right?  If so, then try to choose a product that is simple to fight the germs or microorganisms. The product should have 3-way purification options for cleaning deeply. So, try to buy a product which can clean the fish tank without difficulty.

Noiseless Motorized Process

Another thing to consider is to get a product that has noiseless motorized processions. That may look trivial but it’s essential for filtering night time. Many people find the sound irritating which disturbs a peaceful environment. So, try to get a product that has soundproof motorized process.

Well-Built Filtration

The canister filtrations are being used for filtering with great features to support the movement. That means you need a product that can make an environment for fish to live peacefully with no chemical or harmful agent. Also, look for a canister filter which can protect the fishes to get rid of disease or disinfection.


On the whole, canister filters great for regular usage and works fine for providing fresh oxidant agents. It is useful for fishes to get pure and fresh water experience.

If you are interested in buying a canister filter, don’t forget to read the comment section for understanding its pros and cons better. You can try searching on YouTube for understanding its workings and usage rightly.

I hope this sunsun 603b canister filter review gives you lots of knowledge with buyer’s guide and hope you’ll try this product for filtering fish tank. Good luck!

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