SUNSUN Hw-302 Canister Filter Review in 2020

To begin with, Canister filters are made for exterior fish tank support which helps maintain. It is fair enough to purify like other filters by subtracting dirt from the fish tank.

If you are looking for canister filter which works fine for filtering water, biological and chemical effect, then this product will perfect for you.

It has an amazing purifying effect for clearing dirt or harmful chemicals with no trouble. The product is designed with useful material in a box or big container shape for reducing harmful effects. Also, it works amazing for keeping fish with simple 3 media trays capacity.

The product is made for holding 20 or more gallon water capabilities with simple maintenance. So, without wasting time let’s get started with some feature of this sunsun hw-302 canister filter review for the beginners:

Easy To Maintain

This canister filter is really simple to uphold which doesn’t require much effort for setting up. You just need to adjust the pipe of the canister filter into the fish tank for purifying aquarium water for freshwater supply.

With this option, the water becomes fresh and pure which helps to reduce chemical or harmful effects. It also helps to filter the dirt or harmful agents with its simple maintenance.

These are just a few as this machine helps to deal with maximum oxygen with hydrating agents for using it with no trouble. Also, the main theme of this product is to clean the harmful effect.

Maximum Flow Rate

Let me say this straight, it has an amazing flow rate in which the water can do 265 GPH with 1000L/hr. By and large, this kind of water filters contains maximum flow rate which helps to clear the water from getting germs or pollution.

The product also helps to clear the filthy smell or pollution in the fish tank with clean and pure water. It has a great pressurized pump which helps to hold maximum flow rate.

This unique product can hold for over 75-gallon fish tank which helps to sanitized water. It can do amazing work by flowing maximum speed to purify the polluted water at ease.

SUNSUN Hw-302 Canister Filter Review

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Large Capability

The large capacity helps to clear the dirty or polluted water at ease. Also, it has a pressurized motor which helps to purify impure or fouled water for promoting more oxygen into the fish tank.

The canister filter is useful for cleaning the fish tank. This feature gives amazing fish coverage for watching a better fish tank with colorful experience.

It surely helps to cheer the mind with fresh and cool lighting experience. Also, the product is good for over 3 way filtering which makes water to stay pure and fresh with large capacity.

Great in Value

Like everything else, the price of this product is great in value with lots of accessible features to enjoy filtrate water. It has great features to clear all the dirt or toxic waste with fresh and pure water.

Also, the product comes in a reasonable price tag with chemical, biological and mechanical filtration option. It is helps use a 3-way purification system to make things easier with easy functions.

The product has a powerful filtration option to clean the water with a great value which makes it a combo pack for deep purification.

Effective Filtering Pollution

The simple truth of using canister filters is to purify the filth or pollution for clean water experience. And, the next feature is about the effective filtering pollution as it can clean the water with deep cleaning option.

It has a pressurized motor that extracts all the dirt and impurity with simply activated carbons ceramic rings or bio-balls for deep cleaning. With this activated bio-balls, the product helps to clean mechanical, chemical and biological pollution at ease.

SUNSUN 302 Canister Filter Review

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Built-In UV Sterilizer

This product has an amazing built-in UV sterilizer for preventing disease or illness by blocking the area of bacteria or germs from getting on one fish to another via water.  It is used to prevent microorganisms from fishes or coral which helps to prevent the microbes to get into the fish tank.

The product works fine on reducing germs or microbes at ease for not getting fishes to disease or infection. Also, it helps to control the pool application to stay free from germs. With this feature, the germs get killed by the UV sterilizer whenever they tried to get into the water.

Has Warranty Support

The product has amazing warranty support for returning the broken or wrong-delivered product at ease. With this option, you can simply exchange the wrong product to the right ordered. Also, the product has many features and high-quality service for using it for fun filtration.

It also helps to clean the water with a UV sterilizer and pressurized motor to purify the dirt and chemical pollution. The water remains safe for the fish or coral for roaming freely. However, the warranty option helps to exchange the product with many features.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Pros and Cons of This SUNSUN 302 Canister Filter Review given Below:

By Our Best Researching we found some Advantage and Disadvantage which also help you to choose a Canister Filter.


  • This product has a reasonable price to purchase.
  • It has a medium-size which works fine for filtering better.
  • The product has a front screamer for removing dust or impurity.
  • It is way too easy to open or lock with a maintainable handle.
  • The plastic parts are durable and work fine on simulating.


  • It has bad instruction with no eng subtitle.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I use another UV light in this product?

In my experience, I don’t think it can be exchanged. The product is design for clearing germs or bacteria with the UV sterilizer which cannot be replaced. It has no option at the bottom of the canister filter to set a UV bulb or sterilizer.

Does the pipe seep out?

No, the pipe doesn’t leak or seep out. If your pipe seeps out, then try to use some glue with the PVC pipe for reducing the leaking problem at ease.

Does it have different sizes?

Yes, it has a different size for better adjustment. It has HW302 which has 265 GPH flow rate and HW303 size which has a 370 GPH flow rate.


Last, there are many canister filters for getting in the market or online shops. If you want to purchase the canister filters, then make sure to read the product description with the pros and cons of understanding the product better.

You can also search in Google for learning about its usability better for accessing. Also, try to read the comment section for learning about its flow rate, purifying elements, and workings.

I hope this article helped you for giving ideas on sunsun hw-302 canister filter review with buyers guide and hope you’ll try this out. Done reading? Go get one!

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