Rain Pants vs Bibs

Rain pants and ribs both are made for harsh weather. You can use a fishing bib on any kind of weather, but rain paints are mainly made for the rainy season. Both rain pants and bibs are available in PVC material. As we all know PVC is one of the most durable and waterproof materials when it comes to fishing equipment.

Rain Pants vs Bibs: What Are the Differences?

Rain pants:

What are rain pants? Rain pants also known as rain gears are gear that protects your body from rain. Rain is one of the best times to catch fish. But if you don't wear proper gear you will catch a cold not fishes. Usually, rain pants come with a raincoat as a combo. In my opinion, the combo deal is better than purchasing separately.

Fishing bibs:

Fishing bibs on the other hand is nothing like rain gear. The purpose of a bib is to save your legs and chest from harsh weather. You still need to buy a raincoat if you want to be fully waterproofed.

A fishing rib made out of PVC is perfect for all-weather use.

What is the difference:

The key difference is the build quality.

A rain gear comes in two parts. A raincoat and rain pants. But fishing bibs are like onesies. It will protect your legs but won't protect your feet. Rain pants won't protect your feet either. But fishing bibs weren't meant to be used as one unit. 

You are supposed to pair it with gloves, boots, and a raincoat. Fishing bibs are mainly marketed towards boat fishers that fishes in deep-sea and harsh weather. No matter how harsh the weather is, a fishing bib will save your body and clothes from saltwater. It will keep your body warm and keep cold away.

On the other hand, raincoats are marketed towards everybody. Anyone who doesn't like an umbrella has one. 

There are tons of options for fashionable raincoats as well.

Fishing rain gears are made out of PVC. That's why they are more durable and waterproof.

Which one to take:

The answer depends on why are you buying them. Do you go to the sea for fishing every week throughout the year, no matter the weather? Then you need to combo up the two.

You absolutely need a fishing bib to protect you from the harsh saltwater. You also need to pair the bib with a well-made raincoat. But if you are more of a casual angler that goes fishing whenever it rains. Then you, my friend, don't need any fishing bibs at all. PVC made rain gears will be more than enough.

Take sturdy boot so that you don't slip in the mud. Try to take a heavy raincoat as the weather will become cold when it rains. You also need to purchase waterproof gloves to pair the gear with. I hope we were able to answer your question. I think that you will be sure about your decision after reading this guide.

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