Retrospec Paddle Board Review in 2022

If you are searching for a perfect paddle board for your severe or casual type boarding in fresh and saltwater, then you should read this Retrospec paddle board review. The 10 feet board is suitable for both sweet and salty water paddling purpose.

Someone who loves to do adventure and want to go for an adventurous mission they need special preparation. Chance of adventurous mission doesn’t wait for you always, so you need to be prepared for any time outgoing. For this, you must need Retrospec weekender inflatable stand up paddle board. This is a paddle board always ready to go with you in your exciting, adventurous journey through the water.

In this review, we try to describe its main features and other necessary information need for choosing the best quality paddle board. So, let’s jump for the details-

Retrospec paddle board Comparison

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Product Specification

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Accessories Included with the Product

  • 3-piece Aluminum Paddle
  • A clean owner’s manual/ Repair kit
  • A wonderful waterproof phone Case
  • An awesome high-pressure pump
  • An iSUP Rucksack

Main Features of Retrospec paddle board review

  • The 10 feet stand up Retrospec paddle board is flexible for an all-rounder that is mainly a good chooses for taller or average height riders. When you use it as fully inflatable manner then its measures 12’x30 “x6,” but it measures 11×36″ when you rolled it up or deflated it for carrying.
  • This paddle board is wider enough to take your pet with you during your boarding time. Therefore, it is a pet-friendly paddle board that’s you need not leave your pets alone in your home. It features with comfortable EVA foam deck that is secure for both you and your pet.
  • The board is made with military-grade PVC material that makes this product super durable and remarkably portable. This inflatable board is not easily breakable.
  • The non-slip EVA pad with three-layer construction makes this board strong and long-lasting. All the joints sewed with durable nylon thread. This construction structure provides you a waterproof construction for your seamless journey. These features are extremely convenient for your exciting, adventurous journey.
  • This paddle board comes with an iSUP rucksack for storing it by folding it after use. When you deflated it, then it measures about 11×36″ which can easily set on the carry bag. Then it looks just like your sleeping bag. Meanwhile, it is easy to transport with it where ever you want to go. The easy portable feature is an essential feature for a paddle board.
  • Retrospec Paddle board is made from EVA foam for firmness and extra comfort as you face up to yourself on the lake or seawater. For the secure and safe journey, it constructed with stainless steel rings along with active cord link. For your extremely pleasure trip, you can choose this board because the paddle made with adjustable aluminum materials.

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  • The paddle board is constructed with durable materials.
  • The high-quality firm military EVA foam provides an extraordinarily comfortable feel.
  • It is effortless and hassles free to move with it where ever you want.
  • Its black and red combination outfit attracts you much.
  • Drop stitch material and stainless steel construction make this board stronger than any other.
  • The compact size design can easily fit in all types of vehicles and can store anywhere you want to.
  • It comes with a first high-pressure pump that helps to inflate the board quickly.
  • Full package of this board with necessary accessories are all matched in color
  • It features with three removable nylon fins that help to remain your boat straight in the water.
  • The quality of the carrying bag is also very high, and the overall look is standard.
  • The hip and shoulder straps are very comfortable and provide security.
  • The total space of this board is comfortable for you, along with your pets.
  • This paddle board can carry up to 275 lbs, which is impressive.


  • Some customer said that the board is quite expensive than other brands.
  • Some reviewers complain about the construction material quality. That is not satisfactory.
  • The producer does not take return their faulty products from the customer.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this user-friendly for my pet?

Yes, It is comfortable and safe for your any four-footed friends.

Which type of Retrospec paddle board is this?

It is an inflatable stand up paddle board.

If I wear shoes on this board, is it harmful to the board?

No. It is not a big deal to wear or not to wear shoes on the board. It did not do any damage on your board.

Is this suitable for both fresh and saltwater?

Absolutely! It is a great board! We even tried our board in both salty and freshwater.

Is this paddle board comfortable for portability?

Yes! It has iSUP Rucksack to carry it without any hassle. It is like your sleeping bag, so it does not take any significant space for it.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Final Word: There are many different popular brands for a paddle board is available in the market. So, today, it is getting tough to choose the best one among the various attractive and efficient paddle board. If you have no budget limitation, then you can go for this durable and comfortable Retrospec weekender inflatable stand up paddle board.

In the above discussion, we try to discuss all its exclusive features for you. We hope that it will be helpful to make a perfect choice of paddle board for your upcoming adventure! Till then, have fun and get in touch with us for more exclusive information about paddle board.  We hope this Retrospec paddle board review will help you to discover the correct choice.

Have a nice day!

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