Top Rib Inflatable Boats in 2022

Rib inflatable boats are generally larger, better, and suited for extreme conditions. They are high-performance, lightweight vessels. Use them as safety boats, rescue crafts, dive boats, tenders, and even patrol boats.

Though becoming increasingly popular among weekend warriors, these are primarily the go-to solution for professional users. As you are here looking for them, I would assume that you have a piece of proper knowledge about them.

Before finding out the best rib boat, we have to clear out what we mean by a rib boat for the sake of misinformation in the market.

What is a rib inflatable boat?

RIB stands for a rigid inflatable boat. This means it has a long stiff keel that gives it more buoyancy while having an inflatable top reducing the weight. However, the flooring can be of metal, plywood, or other rough materials. You can easily tell them apart from other inflatable boats for their long V-shaped rigid bottoms.

They are generally longer and wider. Propelled by one or two (5-300Hp) engines they are quite immune to all kinds of damage unless you have a collision at maximum speed.

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Top 5 rigid inflatable boats

There are a lot of rib boats in the market. After going through some 20 boats, we give you our top five picks for rigid hull inflatable boats.

Zodiac Pro 6.5

Zodiac Inflatable Boat

Almost everyone agrees with it. This new design from Zodiac is the best rib boat for the money.

It has far more space than its predecessors — one fourth more to be exact. Thus you can have as many as ten people on your boat.

With more size you will also have more power. Now, you can fit even more powerful engines that can carry up to 50 gallons of fuel. These motors can be from 80 Hp to 175 Hp.

The V-keel runs 6.5 feet deep. It is comfortable and very strong. You will have no problem cruising in it. It also has a splendid look to it.

Achilles HB-315DX


This is a remake of Achilles’s most popular rib boat. Now, we have a new bow locker which also accommodates the gas tank measuring about three gallons.

The propulsion system of this boat has been profusely upgraded. I loved that the fuel tube which runs under the deck with a convenient end to lock the motor.

Hb-325DX also scores high in weight distribution. It is not distributing equally, rather putting the weight where it matters. With a 20 Hp motor, it will run at a top speed of 25 knots. And, the main building component is the CSM fabric.

Avon Seasport 400 Deluxe

We know that zodiac rib boats are the best. And the Avon is an evolution of Zodiac Yachtline Deluxe. She and her sister ships are without a drought one of the most efficient rigid hull boats in the market.

It also scores high on convenience and comfort. It inherits the Zodiac-Nautic’s “slide on, slide off” tube system making it one of the best choices after Zodiac. Style and looks where also given special emphasis. Power it with 50 Hp motors to go at a top speed of 35. With it, you will have a range of 100-mile radius. It is best For Fishing and Boating.

Mercury 320 Aluminium

A lot of the boats above were more close to the rigid section, whereas this boat is an actual inflatable. Other than the 320 you will also have a model marked 270. These are cheap options but also the smart one too if you are low on budget.

With an aluminum hull and high-quality flexible plastic this boat becomes as formidable it can get in this price range. The floor is also-a non-slip plywood floor.

Power this boat with a 20-Hp motor to cruise at a speed of 15 to 20 mph. You will have two small detachable seats in this boat. There are also lifting strakes for use with inflatable davit system.

These are some tools you will get with this boat

  • Repair kit
  • Storage bag
  • Dual-action hand pump
  • Oars

Ribcraft 5.85

We all know that Ribcraft crafts for the military and other defense agencies. So, they are the boss when it comes to toughness and quality. But they also include these cutting edge technologies to their recreational boats for added safety.

Smoothness and maneuverability were some of the critical components that the manufacturers where focusing on this boat as they often do when working with military hardware. So you can expect it to be swift on those crazy turns.

Hook up a behemoth of a 115-Hp engine while you can go up to 135-Hp. Some other special features of this boat are T-top (optional), swim ladder, teak decks, and antenna arch. Party with ten friends all at once in this boat unless you aren’t a professional.

Final words: These were the summaries of the best rib inflatable boats in the market. We would suggest you research further after this article. Go to the websites of the manufacturers to have better information about the rib boat of your choice.

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