How to Choose the Right Spinning Rod

Spinning rods are something that can turn your fishing into a memorable fishing day or it will ruin the whole fun of fishing at once. Now it is up to you what you choose! Are you going with the random fishing rods that can spoil your fishing interest forever?  Or are you going to choose the best spinning fishing rod according to our tips to enhance your fishing skills?

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Features To Consider For The Perfect Spinning Rod

Choosing the best spinning rod is not all you can do for better fishing rather you have to go for the best spinning fishing reel to get the advantage. Now, selecting anyone from the market will not help you. You have to know your own necessities and requirements to get the best one for yourself!

We are here, so do not get into any dilemma. We will show you the right path to get the best spinning fishing rod. Follow the tips now!


The action of Spinning Rod

To get to know the way of your rod’s performing, the action of the spinning rod is vital. Whenever you are casting or reeling, you have to know the way of performing of the rod and you will get to know this by learning about the action of your spinning rod.

While testing the action of any spinning rod, you can get 3 different speeds to select from. They are:

  • Slow Action
  • Medium Action
  • Moderate Action

If you get the slow action then it will bend down through the length of the spinning rod. The moderate faction of the spinning rod will bend down easier than other rods. When choosing the action, you have to pay attention to the sizes of the lures. If you have a small lure, go for the lighter action. This will lead you to maximum casting-distance.

Moderation action will suit properly if you are going for crank-baits of medium-weight. If you are here for jigging then to fast action will do the best for you. Are you a person who likes to do long casts such as live baiting? If you are interested in then keep the action to slow!

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Power of Spinning Rod

You should always keep in mind that when you are up for larger fish, the rod should be of high power. On the other hand, casting for smaller fish will require less power. The power of a fishing rod is related to the struggle that a rod does. It can be divided into four different sections and they are.

  • Ultra-light
  • Light
  • Medium-heavy
  • Heavy


The handle of Spinning Rods

The handle of the spinning fishing rods is important because it relates to your comfort. If you are someone who fishes for a long period of time then the handle of spinning rod is something that you should consider as one of the most important issues. The most popular handles of the best spinning rods of this century are the Cork and EVA.

Cork: People who are experts in traditional angling will always go for the cork as they feel it comfortable to use. If you are going for the corks then settle on the Portuguese cork handles. These handles of cork are better than any other handles in the market and they use high-quality material.

 EVA: The new genre in the fishing rod sector is the EVA handle. We recommend you using this over the cork because these are durable and stain-resistant for any water.

The other generation of handles for the spinning fishing rods is the Shortened fore-grip. With this, you can out your one finger within the blank space. It will lead you to detect and target your prey easily. While choosing the best spinning reel seat of the spinning rods, ensure that it can make a better grip. This type of rod is very useful for kayak fishing.

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Line Guides of Spinning Rods

The diameter of the line guides plays a vital role in choosing the best spinning fishing rods. The diameter should be large enough to provide a good performance when the rod is near the reels. The number of line guides by a fishing rod usually relies on the length of the rod blank. It also has an effect on the flexibility of the rod.

These are made of materials like ceramic, metal and plastic. When you are settling on a price of the fishing rod, the hardest material used in making the line guides will cost you more.

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Spinning Rod Materials

The spinning rod is made from one of two materials:

  • Fiberglass
  • Graphite

The fiberglass spinning rod is better than the graphite rod. Although, the superior fast action rod is graphite rods. Graphite is a highly common material and it is also known as carbon fiber. It has tons of qualities and characteristics. You will need to choose the material yourself.

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What are the best spinning fishing rods in the market?

There are a lot of spinning rods in the market. Among them, brands like KastKing, Okuma, UglyStik, Cadence, etc have the best spinning rods with amazing features.

Can you use a spinning rod for trolling?

You can easily use the spinning fishing rods for trolling. But for doing it, you have to spool the rod with the braid. By doing this, the line capacity will be maximized.

What is the length of a spinning rod? 

Most of the spinning rods of the market have a length of 4 feet to 14 feet. Short spinning rods will usually cast short distance while the long spinning rods will last the long distance.

Final Verdict: Choosing any spinning rod will not enhance your fishing skill rather choosing the wrong one will ruin your fun. To get the best out of a spinning rod, go though our shown path.

The short instructions that we have provided are the basics of selecting the best spinning fishing rod. Go through them and get yourself the best rod. Because your money deserves the best thing! You can use these Fishing Spinning Rods to any Fantastic Fishing Kayak.

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