Best 12V Multi-Purpose Air Pumps Under 150$ in 2022

If you have inflatable SUPs, rafts, or kayaks, you need to inflate before use and deflate after use. The same goes for inflatable furniture too. A manual air pump will do the job, but it will cost a lot of effort and time.

Ever thought of pumping a car tire with a manual air pump on a deserted highway?

Where will you find your 12V wall outlet?

Can you imagine how long it would take to inflate each tire and the manual effort you'll need? Nevertheless, it's almost impossible.

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5 Best 12V Multi-Purpose Air Pump under $150:

1. Outdoor Master High Pressure SUP 12V Air Pump

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Most of the air pumps out there in the market doesn't offer a built-in deflator. But in the Outdoor Master you get a built-in deflator.

It is easy to use. Just plug it into a 12V power source like a female cigarette lighter plug, set the desired pressure, and push the start button. It will do the rest. And you can let go of your worries about overinflating your inflatables as it has auto-shut with a digital pressure gauge, which is pretty accurate.

This electric pump works in two stages. The first stage is for 350L/min pumping speed with around 14 PSI, and the other is for 20 PSI pressure at 70L/min pumping speed. And the switching between stages is also automatic.

Now you are probably thinking about the overheating issue as it has a pumping speed of 350L/min. [A1] But the manufacturer also considered this fact and so added a Frost Active Cooling System for keeping it cool.

This is an ideal product for paddleboat lovers, but if you are looking for an air pump for inflatable sports equipment or furniture, then it can be a great choice for you as well.


  • CA65 & CE Certified
  • Dual-stage pump
  • Built-in deflator & cooler
  • Auto Shut-off feature


  • Bit Expensive
  • PSI capacity could have been better

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2. Kensun 12V AC/DC Digital Inflator under $150

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The common problem with the most portable air pumps out there is, they can only be used in a vehicle. But this air pump solves this problem by having a special home-wall plug feature along with 12v cigarette lighter plugs. That means you can use this air pump with both 12V DC and 110V AC power sources. [A2]

This Kensun Digital air pump can provide 30 LPM superb pumping power with its 120W Solid Metal motor, making the inflation process very fast. Whether you use 12v or 110v, it has a power draw of 120 watts for achieving a maximum pressure of up to 150 PSI, and the digital pressure gauge in this unit is also pretty accurate.

You get multiple nozzles with this electric pump by which you can inflate not only tires of all kinds of vehicles but also small things like inflatable furniture, boats, swimming pool inflatables, toys, sports equipment, and so on. So, it's an ideal product for home and outdoor use.


  • Auto Shut-off technology
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • Runs on both AC & DC
  • DC connecting cable is very long


  • Short AC connecting cable

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3. P.I. Auto Store - Premium 12V DC Tire Air Compressor Pump under 150

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Manufacturers of this electric pump thought of everything. From car tires to beach balls, this seven-inch electric pump can inflate everything very quickly. However, you shouldn't expect this small machine to blow up trucks.

Anyway, you will have the following components to complement its versatility-

  • Four dust caps
  • Schrader to Presta adaptor
  • Carry case
  • Digital guide

There is a digital display where you can set the pressure according to your inflatable, which will prevent any over inflation and a probable mess in your backyard. Accurate pressure means safe driving. You also have a 100 lumen LED accompanied by a red light with SOS plus.

Nevertheless, I think they are over-promising with the pressure leaking. The pressure leakage is very low, but it is certainly not zero.

All in all, this is a product that makes your money count even though the price is very competitive.


  • Very accurate with PSI measurements
  • Convenient to use
  • Very fast pumping (38 L/Min) compared to its size
  • Auto shut off system


  • A little loud

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4. Vaclife 12V Air Compressor Pump under 150

[amazon fields=”B07MKSP49L” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Vaclife 12V Air Compressor Pump under 150″]

If you are looking for a fast, compact, and smart-looking air pump, then this electric pump would be right choice for you. It not only inflates but with its multipurpose nozzle will also help you to deflate your inflatables.

This electric pump can be powered with any 12v female cigarette lighter female plug. This air pump can inflate up your inflatables very quickly, and you also don't need to worry about overinflating your things as there is a built-in digital pressure gauge and auto shut-off technology.

Though Vaclife Air Compressor is made for car tire inflation, you can also inflate your inflatable furniture, support equipment, and other small inflatables. But you can't expect to inflate huge truck tires with this small piece.

This is a very smart looking air pump. It is good in looks and comes with all of the required functionality that is usually expected from an electric pump like this. And you also get a lifetime warranty. So, it is certainly worth your money.


  • Auto Shut-off feature
  • Long power cord
  • Digital Display
  • Compact and easy to use


  • Bit Noisy

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5. EPAuto Portable Air Compressor Pump

[amazon fields=”B01L9WSTEG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”EPAuto Portable Air Compressor Pump”]

If you are looking for a budget air pump for non-heavy usage, then this could be a perfect solution. Though it is made for light uses like sports equipment, inflatable furniture, or boats, you can use it for bike tires and mid-size SUV tires too.

This EPAuto Air Pump has a lucrative feature of overheat protection. The unit automatically shuts off when it exceeds 167-degree Fahrenheit to avoid problems with overheating issues. This electric pump has a pumping capacity of 30 LPM, which is pretty fast.

To avoid damage to your inflatables, there is an auto shut-off feature and a digital pressure gauge with a back-lit LCD display to watch out for the pressure. There is also a powerful LED light in the unit to make it easier for you to work in darkness.

Compared to its size, it is very fast, efficient, and quiet. Overall, it is a great component with a low-cost solution. You should really consider it before buying any other air pump if you have a budget limitation.


  • Pumping gets slower at higher PSI[A3]
  • CE Certified
  • Overheat Protector
  • Auto shut off system
  • Inflating Speed: 1.06 CFM


  • Pumping gets slower at higher PSI[A3]

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Best Inflatable Air Pump under $150 Buying Guide 

Buying a 12V air pump is like buying other air pumps. So, most of the things we are discussing here also relate to regular air pumps. But you still need this section to make sure it is gonna be efficient in low voltage.

Auto Shut-off

Hyperinflation is the most common mistake in the case of inflatable products. When you have an auto shut-off feature in your air pump, you need not worry about overinflation as the compressor shuts down automatically when it reaches your desired PSI.

That's why the auto shut-off feature is a very important feature for an electric pump for inflatables.

Digital Gauges

The gauge's accuracy is a very important factor for inflating your inflatables to the desired pressure, and a digital pressure gauge helps you detect that.

Usually, you get an analog pressure gauge in every old air pump in the market. Though they fulfill the purpose just fine but pumps with digital gauges are better to buy as they provide a more accurate reading and gives a range of unit conversion.

Inflation Speed & Continuous Run Time

Another important factor to consider when buying an electric air pump is the Inflation speed as it gives an idea of how long it can take to get your job done. The faster the pump, the quicker you can finish your job.

And if you need a longer time to finish your work, then you should rest the electric pump at least for 10 minutes after each 10-15 minutes sessions to prevent overheating. Otherwise, the compressors can be damaged.

Power Source

Most inflators are powered using a 12V DC power outlet that you can access via a car's 12V cigarette lighter socket, as most manufacturers produce inflators for car tires.

However, if you are buying an air pump to use indoors, you can take a dual voltage inflator that can inflate in both 12V and 120V.

Cord/Hose length

The cord length factor is most important for those who are looking for an electric pump for their cars. Because if the hose is short, then it won't be able to reach all four tires. The cord length in the fill hose is also important as valve stems always don't stay in an ideal position to hook up.

But if you will buy an air pump for inflatable rafts or boats, air beds or mattresses, and other things like these, you may not need to consider this factor.

Build Quality

The better the build quality is, the better performance you'll get. If an air pump is not well built, then it won't last long enough. None of us want to waste our money. So always check the durability, sturdiness, and reliability of a product before buying.


In order to buy an efficient, effective and good quality air pump, it is advisable to budget for yourself according to your inflatables need. If you don't need high pressure air pumps then there is no logic behind wasting you money by buying a high pressure electric pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions on 12 volt air pumps.

Q: Can a 12V DC powered machine be used with 110V AC?

Yes, there are adapters for that. You need to purchase those separately.

Q: What is the minimum PSI requirement for inflatables?

It depends on the inflatable. We are giving you some ideas:-

  • SUPs: 10-20 PSI
  • Car-tires: 30-40 PSI (Minimum)
  • Inflatable Furniture: 10 PSI

Q: When do I need high-pressure electric pumps?

You need high-pressure electric pumps if your inflatable requires 70 PSI or above for inflammation.

Q: Are high-pressure and high-volume inflators the same thing?

Nope, they are not the same thing. High-volume electric pumps put out more volume to fill up tires faster. And High-pressure electric pumps have the capability to get to High PSI.

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Conclusion: The definition of perfection varies from person to person. So, you can't ask anyone to find the right thing for you as only you know what can fulfill your demand. What we can do is to give suggestions based on needs.

In my observation the Outdoor Master was the best 12v air pump for inflatables. However, you are always free to choose your own. And you can go back to the buying guide and make a checklist out of the heading for picking the best one.

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