Top Ten Must Have Camping Gear : Most Useful

You are planning a camping trip with your family and friends. You don’t want to spoil your first experience. So prepare yourself fully. As you are going away from the comfort zone of your home for an adventure trip. You don’t want to end up in mess. So go through the following checklist of the top ten must-take camping gears.

What is camping

Camping is simply an adventure. It is an adventure to what extent you want to experience it. It can be made tougher and tedious by not preparing for it all. On the contrary, you can submerge yourself in nature and enjoy its wilderness by preparing for it fully. You can carry just a tactical laptop backpack and maybe go fully equipped in the four-wheelers. Here we are enlisting what you will get from camping and what you should take to make it better.

Camping outcomes

What you get from camping is an immense sense of achievement and adventure. Experiencing and experimenting with new day and night routines. You get innumerable memories. Camping gives you a feeling of an old stone age life. Where you learn how Flintstones lived in their times.

Top Ten Camping Gear

Tent or hammock

This is the basic thing that you need for your trip. Its choice depends upon your needs and individuals going. There is a large range of options available from simple two persons camping tents to fully equipped and advanced instant installation family cabins. Some of these cabins are coming with windows and zipped doors. They have options of having roofs with see-through roofs for a sunbath in the morning and a starry sky at night.

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First aid kit

Your first aid kit should have the following things in it. There should be different shapes and sizes of plasters, bandages, scissors, some sterile solutions and antiseptic products, sterile gauze pieces, sterile cleansing wipes, creams or sprays for relieving insects bites or stings, digital thermometers, disposable sterile gloves, distilled water for washing the wounds, some basic medicines for fever, cough, antibiotic, anti-allergic, skin rash cream or some for fighting tummy bugs i.e. metronidazole, omeprazole, etc.

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Put some tweezers and forceps too. Eye pads are also useful. If any person is going with you who has some known illness or is a chronic patient of some disease, they should keep all their required medicines in required amount and keep them in locked pockets away from children range.

Survival kit

It is very important. It has tools like pliers, screwdriver, screws, pocket knife, camping saw, peelers, water purification filters, and tablets.

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Food and drinks

You should keep some raw vegetables and fruits. Keep snacks, biscuits, pasta, some sauces, water cans, fresh juicer machine, jams and spreads, etc.

Light arrangements

Torches, flashlights, emergency lights, extra pair of batteries, emergency candles, match sticks, flint magnesium fire starters, oil for fuelling bonfire, coal canister, etc.

Stove and griller

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It can be a multipurpose stove. Such stoves can be electrically operated with batteries or some gas cylinders with a stove on top. You can also get some stoves with an in-built griller in them. You should take some essential utensils such as mugs, plates, cutlery, pans, coffee maker, etc.

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Camping fridge

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You can get a number of portable camping fridges, freezers and coolers from the market. They are usually working on low-power batteries. They can keep things cool in the scorching heat. They will serve you cool juices when you get back to camp after long tedious hiking.

Camping Fridge

Sleeping bags

You can get parachute sleeping bags with or without stuffing, pillows, neck pillows, and foldable blankets.

  • Personal gear
  • Garments for camping

You should pack some safari pants with lots of pockets. These pockets come in handy when you want to go out hiking with your hands-free. Pack some casual shirts, socks, and sneakers. You may keep an extra pair of shoes in case one pair gets torn, dirty, or wet on the rough tracks.

Girls can pack in some extra essentials like hair catchers, light makeup kits, hairbrushes, etc.

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Cleaning products

You need to keep some supplies for cleaning purposes too. Don’t forget your toothbrush and paste. You can keep napkins, towels, tissue rolls, wipes, a cleaning brush, and a bin for putting away the garbage and waste. Wherever you are camping, make sure that while you stay there and when you pack up. Don’t leave any waste behind. Clean the place. Keep the environment eco-friendly.

Small plant pots or seeds

Though it may sound out of the box how wonderful it would be if we plant two plants per person each time we go out camping. Not only will it keep your camping site eco-friendly. It will also help to give shade and fruits to your grandchildren.

Hiking backpacks

Your hiking backpacks should have few snacks, a water bottle, first aid essentials, a camera, and a stick. A stick or can with a torch help a lot in assessing the dampened areas, any swamps, etc.

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Smart gadgets and power banks

They include your smartphones, smartwatches, portable Wi-Fi, and a navigation system. All these should be used for the minimum time. But you cannot hold them back completely as you have to stay connected to the outer world.

So don’t forget to take your fully charged power banks with you. You may take a portable music system with you for dreading the animals away. Or maybe inviting them to your bonfire dance party. Who knows!

Mosquito repellent, insect-killing sprays and sunblock

You have to be very vigilant in applying a good mosquito repellent. A good repellent helps in moving away from some harmful insects besides the mosquito. You can spray some insect killer spray for better safety.

You should use good sunscreen lotions in the morning. As though some of the sunlight exposure is good for providing vitamin D, but prolonged skin exposure to ultraviolet light can result in some damage or serious harm. This can also leave your skin suntan. So better to apply sunblock than whitening lotions for a couple of months. Use sunglasses too.

Conclusion: You can enjoy your camping trip if you prepare yourself according to the above checklist. Camping is fun, adventure, and a great learning experience. Try to stay away from gadgets and be near to nature on your camping tour. Don’t forget to keep your surroundings clean and plant two plants each.

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