Tower Paddle Board Review with Pros and Cons

In this Tower paddle board reviews, we’ll talk about the most outstanding features and payback of this awesome stand-up paddle board. We all know that the utility and usefulness is the only concern while we are searching for a quality inflatable stand up paddle board.

And the Tower paddle board is the explanation of convenience. Have you wanted a paddle board that features with the non-slip deck? Done! Are you looking for a paddle board that is quick inflatable and portable? Done! This Tower paddle board has many great features to offer, and we’ll try to share its exceptional features in our review below.

Product Specification

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Accessories Included with the Product

  • A high-pressure sup pump
  • An awesome high-end diamond grooved deck pad
  • One removable center fin
  • A handhold the small strap
  • A roll-up carrying strap for the paddle
  • Three fiberglass paddle

Main Features of Tower Paddle Board Reviews

At 9 feet 10 inches long This board is very packed in and handy to carry wherever you want.  There isn’t lots of more room on this particular board; however we set up it sufficient space for the small dog, and you and possibly will grasp loads of weight with zero flex in any way.

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On the other hand, the setup process is very simple and painless. You can find one valve for proper inflation, and since the board isn’t that long at all, we find it takes no more than one or two minutes to get the board completely inflated.

The hand pump works fine buy my first time out I used my electric pump and set the PSI level to 11. 11 PSI is the recommended air pressure for this board.

Tower Paddle Board Review

May be 11 PSI not sound to facilitate you high evaluated to a number of other inflatable SUP’s which are capable of inflating up to 17 PSI but we can let know you genuinely that at minimum 11 PSI this paddle board is sufficiently firm and sturdy, also capable of supporting a considerable total of weight without flexing.

The additional issue we are impressed with is the solidity and strength. As usually the shorter paddle boards are branded to be very much tactical however an excellent deal tipper too.

The 6 inches depth and 32 inches width build are remarkably steady. We feel entirely secure and comfy even though the little dog can move just about fun.

The 6 inches depth also indicates that the feet reside well over the water, that is a pleasant feeling if you find the water is cold.

If you’re on the lookout for a quicker tripping SUP, the Tower has one more model named the Xplorer which is extensive and smoother and better suitable for your touring intention and speed as well.

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 ♥  What We Like

  The paddle board is constructed with extreme durable thick military graded PVC material.

  It is easy to inflate quick and deflates for easy use and storage purpose.

  The paddle constructed with reliable drop stitch technology that ensures the board durability.

  It is super portable that we can carry it where ever you want.

  The manufacturer offers you two years of limited warranty for the product.

  Drop stitch material and stainless steel construction make this board stronger than any other.

  This paddle board has come with complete paddle board accessories.

  It comes with a first high-pressure pump that helps to inflate the board quickly.

  The non-slip top cover makes the board safe for any new or expert rider from a sudden accident.

  It features with three removable nylon fins that help to remain your boat straight in the water.

  It includes a roll-up strap that is very useful for holding the folded paddle board for carrying or storage.

  It includes three pieces of fiberglass paddle those are good, and the pressure pump is satisfactory.

 Ø  What We Don’t Like

  • The Tower paddle board is costly than its other competitor.
  • Some reviewers complain that after a few use the pump will break down.
  • Within tight time holes will appear on the board.
  • The fin is under quality, and it will lose after sometimes because of its loose pin quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What psi need for this paddle board to inflatable?

Answer: It can hold a maximum of 20 psi. But it not really needs more than 15 psi generally.

Question: Which type of fin included with this board?

Answer: A removable center fin use for this paddleboard.

Question: On which type of water it is suitable for?

Answer: Good question! You will be happy to know that it is an ideal paddle board for the river, lake, and even in the ocean

Question: Could I use this board for yoga?

Answer: Absolutely! Activities like fishing, yoga, and even taking sunbath will do with this boat

Question: Is this paddle board carry two people at a time?

Answer: Yes! It can carry up to 200 lbs on it. So, you can go with your partner without any doubt.

Final Words: At the end of this review article about Tower paddle board, we are pretty convinced saying that it is a great paddle board. This is a quality paddle board; do not be a fool thinking that it is like other cheap boards on the market.  Of course, it is an expensive stand-up paddle board that fulfills your every requirement for surfing. So, don’t think about its expense, think about its utility for you. We suggest this Tower paddle board is suitable for you if you love surfing, fishing and even taking sun bath in the lake and ocean.

It is a fantastic paddle board, not only in our opinion there are more than a thousand customers gave positive reviews on Amazon about it. If you notice the rating of this product, then you can understand the popularity of this product among customers. We highly recommended this one! Hope you enjoy this Tower Paddle Board Review. Stay calm and enjoy your surfing!

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