A Guide to the Types of Sofa Fabric Available

Sofa fabrics can make or break a sofa and ensuring you get the right sort for your home space is important and can make all the difference. We’ve come up with some great tips with the help of this review by Raymour and Flanigan.

Types of sofa fabrics

What types of sofa fabrics are available?

A reputable retailer can provide you with fabric swatches from their sofas to allow you to match the color with your current living room decor prior to purchasing it. There are many different options that are available. In order to help you narrow your choices down, we listed the most common types of sofa fabrics below:

Cotton is a type of natural fiber. This makes it soft and breathable. However, it tends to be more expensive compared to many other fabrics. Generally speaking, cotton upholstered sofas tend to be relaxed and comfortable. Choose removable cushion covers. That way it will be easy to keep a cotton sofa clean. Sometimes cotton is prone to wrinkling. Therefore, it needs to be cared for properly so that it continues to look fresh.

Types of sofa fabric

Another natural fiber is linen. Compared to cotton, it is more durable. It works well in homes that have pets or small children. Linen sofas tend to have a lived-in appearance. Their natural creases soften over time. Also, linen contains a neutral pH that makes the fabric hypoallergenic. Linen, like cotton, is breathable, so you won’t feel sticky on a warm summer night.

Over time, the surface might ‘fuzz,’ however, it is resistance to fading that is caused by the sun. A majority of linen sofas come with removable cushion covers that make it convenient to clean them.


Wool is made out of woven fibers that come from a sheep’s coat. It is another natural fiber although it often gets combined with synthetic materials as well. Wool is available in many different colors, so it can go with any interior preference. Its pile adds a cozy feeling to your living room and keeps it cool during the summer.

All of these things will help you decide on the right fabric for your sofa.

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