Underwater Green Lights and How They Work Attracting Fish to Your Dock

Fishing at night sounds like a fun time. It’s fun till you are stuck in your boat for hours and struggling to catch a single fish.

If you have been there, you know our pain. In this kind of situation, fishing lights will come handy. Fishing lights are nothing new, using a light source to attract fishes has been going on for centuries. 


The question is, how effective is this method? Do underwater green lights work? 

The scientific reasoning behind using the light is, it attracts zooplankton. Zooplankton is a type of phytoplankton. They are not visible to human eyes. These tiny creatures attract bait fishes, the bait attracts the larger one. Creating a food chain. 


Why Does Color Matters?

Instead of going all NASA on you, we can simplify the science behind this with color code. 

You will find fish lights in many different colors. All of them don’t work in the same way. 


Each color of light has a different wavelength. The wavelength determines how deep the light going to penetrate the water. 

If the light goes in deep into the water, you will have a higher chance to attract the baits. 


Red lights have a small wavelength. They are terrible for underwater lights. 


Blue light is not as bright as the green light. White light is the brightest but falls behind in wavelength. That’s why green underwater light is the best. 


How Do Underwater Green Lights help?

Greenlight goes way deeper into the water than any other light. The light deep into the water attract fishes. 

The wavelength helps to attract fishes that love the depth of water. Greenlight is intense, bright, and can travel total aquaglow underwater lighting systems with ease. 


The Food Chain is the key!

Now that you know the science behind the topic. You can understand why green light is the best. As the green light travels deeper into the water it attracts more microorganisms. Those microorganisms attract small fishes. Those small fish act as a bait for the larger predator fishes. This way you create a food chain. 


Quantity of lights:

Now that the color of the light and its importance are sorted out. The next most asked question is, how many lights do you need to attract fishes?

One light is enough to attract fishes if you are fishing alone. But if you want to increase your chances, you should go for 2 lights. Two lights will increase the radius of your searching and increase the chances to attract more microorganisms.


Other helpful tips:

The placement of the light also plays a vital role. When you are fishing from the dock, with the light you can see a lot of fishes. But you can’t trap them all. 

Many fish gets attracted to intense light. But they won’t bite the hook till they feel safe. If you see them near the trap, don’t haste and don’t touch the light. 

To cope with this problem, you should fish in the outer area of light. There the light is not that intense and the fishes won’t notice your trap. They will feel safe and bite quicker. 


You will find much more success at the edge of the light. You can’t catch Snooks under bright light. They are quite aware of their surroundings. If you want to make them feel safer, fish near the edge and they will fall into the trap quickly.


At night time you need to be more careful about your surroundings. You don’t have enough light to work with. If you have no experience of fishing at night. I recommend taking an expert with you. 

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