The Graco Uno2duo is one of the most recent convertible strollers currently available in the market.  One of the reasons why most parents prefer this stroller to other types of strollers in the market is that it offers similar important features as other leading choices at a preferably lower price.

Just like all the single and double strollers in the market, one advantage that comes with the Graco Uno2duo is that one can always purchase one stroller instead of having to buy both the single and double strollers. In this Graco Uno2duo Reviews, you find all the fantastic information and crucial features from this blog.

One of its main downside just like the doubles is that they are a bit heavy hence there is some sacrifice in terms of maneuverability. In case you purchase a convertible car seat and you do not have a second child or do have one later that you had planned for, there is a possibility you might end up pushing around for extra weight for years without anything to boast about. In this review, we will be looking at the Graco Uno2duo to help you understand it better.

Things to like about the Graco Uno2duo

Graco Uno2duo Reviews

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1. Versatility- Several Ways to ride it

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This does not surprise at all. One of the coolest Graco Uno2duo features is the variety of ways one can position the baby.  Even when using a single stroller mode, the Graco Uno2duo does have up to 10 different setups.  For example, a child can ride in the stroller forward-facing or rear-facing. They can also do it while lying down inside the in-built bassinet. They are also in a position of sitting in the standard stroller seat that is included in the base model. In case you do have an infant car seat, the kid can also seat in the car seat in any direction.

The seats of the regular stroller do fold down easily into a bassinet. Although one has to reach underneath, it does have a latch that will unsnap making the seat to lay flat. It does offer great benefit when the baby falls asleep knowing very well that she will be very comfortable whenever you change the recline position.  Whenever you convert the stroller to a double mode, it does have up to 8 extra configurations.

The stroller does convert by pulling out the handles extending by 5 inches and thereafter pulling the frame back which also extends by 5 inches. It is possible for one to extend it using a single stroller and one can also make some extra storage room underneath.

The toddlers are also capable of standing on the frame where their very small platform and do hang on the handles.  The second child can always sit at the back seat that is positioned above the rear wheels and face forward.  However, one disadvantage of this second seat is that the child at the back cannot see well although this is common for most of the inline double strollers.

2. Harness 3 Point or 5 Point

The safety harness comprises of both the 3 points and 5 point mode. The 3 point mode version does make it very convenient for bucking kids who are bigger in size and it does offer a much better fit compared to the one size fits all.

3. Extras

The Graco Uno2duo does have several great extras that we have come to expect in any high-end baby gear although they are still great to have. This Graco Uno2duo does come with a tray together with cup holders for the baby and a phone and cup holder for the parents. It also has a pretty big storage area underneath and does have one hand fold mechanism that acts as a lifesaver.  Another thing about the Graco Uno2duo that you will fall in love with is the way it looks. The charcoal colors are available in black/gray and brown shades which make it look classy.

4. As a Travel System

When you buy the Graco Uno2duo as a full fledge travel system, you will always get the Snuglock/Snugride 35 infant case seat together with the base. Its base, however, will stay inside the car so you can always take the car seat in and out with lots of ease.  The Snugride also comes with a Click Connect so it always clicks into and out of the stroller with lots of ease.  Since this is an infant car seat, it is rear-facing only and capable of holding babies from 4 lbs to 34 lbs.


Graco Uno2duo is a bit heavy. It weighs 40 lbs in the double mode which is a lot of weight to push around. It can accommodate up to two kids each weighing 50 lbs as it is strong enough and big to support such a weight.  However, when you max it out, it can take up to 100 lbs of kids and 40 lbs of the stroller which totals 140 lbs. Although that is not going to take place, we do hope that you have got the point.

Comparison of Graco Uno2duo with other convertible stroller choices

Graco Uno2duo Travel System Reviews

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1. Graco Uno2duo Britax B-Ready

The Graco Uno2duo is known to consist of the same features as the 2017 B-Ready although it is available at a much significant price. The B-Ready which is the newest is however not well-reviewed basically because its front wheels at times do freeze making it difficult to maneuver. Inconsistency in the stroller performance does imply that there are lots of quality control issues.

The Graco Uno2duo is however known to be too new to know how it will be able to match up in terms of quality.  As it has been mentioned above, the Graco Uno2duo is much heavier than the B-ready although it is slightly smaller in size. Its extra weight is worth putting up considering the price difference.  One benefit that comes with the B-Ready is that it does stand upright whenever it is folded. It can also be folded with all its seats installed which might not be the case with Graco Uno2duo.

2. Graco Uno2duo Baby Jogger City Select

Currently, the Baby Jogger City Select is priced higher than the Graco Uno2duo and slightly above the B-Ready. However, it is known to be a super nice stroller. It is also compatible with most of the top infant car seats in the market.

The Baby Jogger City Select weights slightly below the Graco Uno2duo at 37 lbs while in double mode. Its bassinet does have a total of 4 recline positions which is not available on the Graco Uno2duo. It also comes with a two-hand old system instead of a one-hand although it is a bit easy to use. Compared to the Graco Uno2duo, the Baby Jogger City Select cannot fold when both of its seats are installed. However, the City Select tends to fold up in a tighter package than the Graco Uno2duo.

One weird thing concerning the City Select is that its second seat sits on top of the front wheels making it easier for the kids to look at each other although it never helps with the steering. Due to its weight which is at the front and over the wheel, it is a bit difficult to lift up and steer the stroller front whenever you have to jump a curb.

3. Uno2Duo vs UPPAbaby Vista

Are you considering purchasing the Graco Uno2duo and looking for every reason to? Then the UPPAbaby Vista is a bit expensive and does not fit the budget. There are people who do love Visa since its stroller is a joy to push as it steers very well. It can also fold smoothly and more compactly when compared to other small strollers mentioned above. It also comprises of a fabulous bassinet that can be used separately from the stroller.

The UPPAbaby Vista consists of extras which the Graco Uno2duo lacks like a great canopy and a 4-wheel suspension for a smooth ride. It also contains a rain and bug shield for the stroller and bassinet.

4. Uno2Duo vs Bugaboo Cameleon 3

When talking about the Graco Uno2duo alternatives, you cannot fail to mention the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 as it is one of the first strollers which was converted from the single to the double mode. It is a high priced stroller that comes with great features and a pretty bassinet although it is not that popular when compared to the Visa or the City Select.

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My Recommendation

Although the Graco Uno2duo is not perfect, any parent will like it and in fact, most parents do consider it as a perfect choice when they don’t need the extra features like in the Vista and City Select strollers.  The Graco Uno2duo drawbacks are that it is slightly heavy and despite folding easily, it is not overly compact when folded. However, the good news is that it is very flexible and has all the important features with it. It is also of a reasonable price. We hope, Now you find all the crucial info from this Graco Uno2duo Reviews. Thanks for reading our blogs.

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