Vibe Tandem Kayak Review in 2023

Welcome again kayak review seekers. Today we have brought you a vibe tandem kayak review. So let’s begin today’s report. Hope you will enjoy it, and get everything that you want to know.

Are you searching for a low-impact activity so that you can improve your total aerobic fitness? Then you should know that this vibe tandem kayak review is here for you.

As with many anglers, we also love kayaking both as a hobby and sometimes for its competitive nature. Everyone wants that extra feather on their cap. In this vibe tandem kayak review, you will surely find everything.

Your kayaking experience can also be a great fun activity for your family and friends and getting out on the water alone can be a peaceful pastime.

You can enjoy the waterways together, and you can also experience a shared sense of meditative peace nothing, but kayaking alone can bring.

The kayak has gorgeous look; this is a sturdily built kayak where two persons can sit comfortably.

And these aspects are not the only thing that will attract your attention! As you can fit two people in it – we just thought we should state the obvious. But it has a great feature in that if operating it solo you can utilise a middle seat.

This is the type of kayak for all people! What you will get to know is that this option is not so standard in other tandem kayaks, and this is the thing that makes the vibe kayaks skipjack 120t tandem kayak such an outstanding value for your money.

Vibe Tandem Kayak Overview:

Vibe Tandem Kayak Review

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The Vibe Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak is undoubtedly a quite stable vehicle. Anyone can ride it in all types of waterways, including rivers, flat water, and light surf as well.

This product is safe enough for two adults and a child so that all of them can ride together. Family use comes especially recommended. Going kayaking on weekends or while on vacation is a good way so you can spend some much-needed family quality time.

In spite of the relative ease of use, the Vibe Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak is mostly employed as an introductory watercraft only for novices to this hobby sport. Experienced kayakers can also feel confident about taking beginners out for those first rides.

In the kayak market Vibe already has an outstanding single-person fishing kayak in the form of the small Skipjack 90, but they haven’t forgotten all about anglers who will enjoy going out with others. With the Vibe Skipjack 120T, they have created a tandem fishing kayak that offers a lot of the same advantages as the Skipjack 90. At 12’2″ it is surely much longer than the Skipjack 90, but this is still 33″, and with a weight of 72 pounds, there should be no problem for two people to carry it.

What are Tandem Kayaks?

Surely solo kayaking is the ultimate freedom sport for you; these single kayaks are very easy to paddle. Tandem kayaks will be a significant investment for romantic couples who will share a love for kayaking.

As a tandem kayak is more extended than other kayaks, therefore to turn this solo kayak is much harder than most other kayaks.

When you are out on your kayak skipjack 120t, you will have to depend on your synergy to paddle together. There will always be a few laughs to be had until you get synchronized.

You will get to explore and fish together, as you paddle your way to health. This kayak will give your family and you the ultimate recreational, fun tool that you can share, and grow as a unit.

Some Essence of the Top Features:

Onboard storage hatches

This kayak has two sealed storage hatches onboard

Flush mount rod holders

There are two capped flush mount rod holders

Cargo storage

There is a cargo storage area in the rear

Bungee system

It has a bungee system for tying down stored items

Handles for Transporting

There are four handles for transporting by hand on land

Mount rod holders

There are 4 points for mount rod holders


It is compatible with Scotty, RAM and Railblaza rod holders


Weight is 72 pounds


Capacity is 500 pounds

Available Color schemes

There are two available color schemes including Blue Camo seats or Hunter Camo seats

Brief Information About the Features:

In this vibe tandem kayak review, you will get to know brief information about the features of this kayak.

There are two sealed storage hatches facility onboard:

When you are out all day on a kayak, the storage can become quite a problem, sometimes by limiting the total amount of time or distance you may cover on the water. You and your family will love that with this particular kayak; you will have great onboard storage facilities.

This kayak contains dual sealed hatches and a rear tankwell for the storage facility; this is coupled with durable, adjustable bungee.

This will make all-day exploration have no issues because you will get to bring along enough food to last you for the day. And you can take along some rain gear and stuff; you will have to store them away safely till when you need them.

You can also go on and on about the importance of onboard storage facilities for kayaks, and the designers of this kayak must be very thoughtful about it.

There are two flush mount rod holders available along with the caps:

Designers have designed the vibe skipjack 120t kayak fish ringing along with the apt wrangler in mind. Do you want to know the vital difference between an ordinary kayak and a fishing kayak?

It is entirely up to you whether you believe it or not that there is the presence of rod holders. An angler’s hands for de-hooking fish will be freed up by the Rod holders, paddling or throwing something filling in his mouth. You can hardly underestimate the rod holder’s importance, my friends!

There are two capped fishing rod holders flush in this kayak for your comfort. Additional availability of four mounting points, for your essential accessories which are compatible with all major brands. You will be so excited by these two features.

There are two side bungee paddle parks, and two paddle rests as well:

The Paddle parks on a kayak will ensure that you will have a place to attach the paddle directly to the kayak when you are out in the water. This will assure you that you will not lose the oars in the water, a series of clips or lines hold it securely.

The two side paddle parks and the other two paddle rests are also part of the vibe skipjack 120t accessories. The bungee paddle parks are well-adjusted and designed to help you to retrieve the paddle from your sitting position with great ease.

The Four scupper holes:

The Scupper holes are a great design feature that assures that your kayak will not turn into a bathtub when you are out in choppy waters. They will drain water for you from the kayak from top to bottom by eliminating all puddles.

As the vibe skipjack, the 120t solo is meant for less choppy waters, so it is no loss though. The kayak also possesses four scupper plugs which fit perfectly into the scupper holes so that it can keep the water from coming inside the kayak, especially in the rough seas.

The Two adjustable deluxe kayak seats:

Vibe tandem kayak review will inevitably be incomplete if I do not mention all the comfort features this kayak includes. The seats are comfortable for one, and it can hold up to two adults and a child too on the center seat.

The adjustable seats contain buckles to keep you safely reigned in.  There are two built-in cup holders so that you can hold your beer cans, coffee, water or your child’s favorite drink since you paddle away in calm waters.

The Design:

Not like the 62-pounder vibe skipjack 100, this kayak weighs only ten pounds more, resting at not more than 72 pounds weight. The Vibe Skipjack 120T has a length of 12’2″, and a width of 33″, these lengths and widths make it more roomy and spacious enough for tandem kayaking.

Its 500 pounds carrying capacity is the beauty of its size, this is enough for two or three people and all the required gear.

A single piece, high-density Rotomolded polyethylene is used to make this kayak. The colors are the part that drew me to this excellent kayak. I am talking about great Hunter Camo, Blue Camo, and Sea breeze colors also. It is a thing of beauty in this kayak.

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The Good Weight Limits:

The fact that this kayak can hold three people, and at least 500 pounds of weight is the crowning glory of this kayak. You can also paddle it alone too for that solo timeout in the waters if you so wish.

Has inbuilt pole holders as well as four different mounting options:

The deal for you can’t get any sweeter than this one. But along with all this space comes its weight issue. It is not so easy so that you can move it, and you will have to purchase a kayak dolly for smooth movement. It has extra four secure grip carrying handles though so that they can help to move it, which is excellent if you will have an extra pair of hands of one of your friends or family members to move it to the waterfront.

The Good Quality:

and this is of excellent quality materials. And it is wrapped in lots of bubble wrap and a heavy blanket to ensure that it does not dent so that it can be retained and reused for other purposes also.

This is Stable and User-Friendly:

The 120t is stable and perfect enough for beginners since this is made so that ease of handling can be ensured.

Suggestion for you:

Not suitable enough for strong currents:-  We can assure you that this kayak’s tracking quality is okay for slightly choppy waters, but it is not good enough for steady flow.  You should not take the Vibe Skipjack 120T Tandem Kayak into seriously turbulent waterways,  as like white water rapids. Instead, you should keep it to calm streams for the best safety. Also, this unit is not designed for professionals or any other competitive racing events.

Let’s Watch the Video Review:

Best Suited For Whom:

In this vibe tandem kayak review, you will get to know for whom this is made.

Beginners: For beginners, this kayak is the best choice.

Families: To spend quality time with family members this is the best kayak.

Groups: For an exceptional hangout this kayak can play a vital role.

Social events: This kayak can conduct social activities.

Casual boating: For casual boating one can use this kayak.

Fishing: to fish this kayak will be a good choice for you.

Exploration: for exploration, anyone can make the best use of this kayak.

Paddling: it is indeed a perfect choice for paddling.

Not So Great for Activities including:

Racing: You should not use this kayak for racing.

Rapid streams: One should not use it in the fast streams

Long-distance runs: This kayak is not designed for long-distance run.

Unsupervised children: you should be careful with the unsupervised children with this kayak.

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  • Two sealed storage hatches facility onboard
  • Onboard storage hatches
  • Portability
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy storage
  • Sporty looks
  • Easy transportation
  • two flush mount rod holders available along with the caps
  • Flush mount rod holders
  • Two side bungee paddle parks and two paddle rest as well
  • Four scupper holes


It does not perform well in the strong current as well as in bad weather.


Question: How much does it weights?

Answer: in the vibe website you will find your solution. Read our review attentively you may also see it in our study.

Question: I want to know the weight capacity of this kayak.

Answer: This kayak weights 500 lbs

Final Thoughts: To sum up, I would like to advise against the use of this kayak for competitive racing, as it is not made for speed, but for space and comfort I would love to give it a five out of five rating for it is one of the best tandems kayaks out there.

In this Vibe Tandem Kayak Review, you will find brief features, pros, cons, best suited for whom, faq, suggestions for users, liking, and dislikes. We hope you gained something from this review. Thanks for reading.

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