On Wavestorm Paddle Board Reviews: What Are You Missing [2022 Guideline]

Whether you are an experienced paddler or amateur should not have doubted the Wavestorm paddle board. It has been on the service for ten years with a reputation. That’s why wavestorm is considered as the most popular surfboard for America. Here you’ll find wavestorm paddle board reviews.

Wavestorm is mainly a surfing board which is offering cheap paddle board. You’ll be blessed by using this paddle board at a low cost. Also, most of the reviewers have told that this paddle board is the perfect equipment the surfers always want and take you from a beginner to an intermediate level in a quick time.

That’s why I’m here to tell you about the fine paddle board. Here I’ll uncover the wavestorm to you, and you’ll know the features with advantages and limitations. Also, you’ll find why I am suggesting you this paddle board. Besides, some safety issues will be discussed later before answering the frequently asked questions. So, stay tuned with me.

5 Wavestorm Paddle Boards

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Wavestorm Paddle Board Reviews

like most of the paddle board, the wavestorm SUP is made with high density Expanded polystyrene core and the high-density EPS foam. Most of the beginner paddle board is built with these materials because it helps to learn surf in a quick time. This is the same material they make hot tub covers out off. This high-quality foam offers the durability of the surfing board. Some pebble board is made with fiber glasses, and fiber glasses made paddle board is damaged more than EPS foam.

From wavestorm 9′ 6 paddle board reviews, you’ll find the paddle board is much popular for it’s soft to construction in every region in America. Besides, you don’t need to worry about your kids may having trouble and break their teeth, hand, etc. as the soft surface will make the feet comfortable, and if you choose to sit down during paddling, your knees, elbows, and tailbone will get comfortable rest.

Moreover, providing much internal durability, the wavestorm offers three marine wood stringers. The stringers increase the stiffness of the surfing board and support well with heavier rider and harsher conditions. As a training instrument, it is the best paddle board, your kids can fearlessly ride on the paddle board, and you don’t have to anxious about the board flying back additionally cracking open ahead.

Now comes to the paddle. The paddle is made with a lightweight aluminum bar and affixes to a plastic blade at the bottom. Yes, they don’t provide carbon paddle, which has high quality, but this aluminum paddle has the ability to stands with carbon paddles. This paddle is stiff and doesn’t get flex much with the waves.

The paddle board is 9.6 inches long and has a weight of 25.1 lbs. It can carry up to 275 lbs. The wavestorm SUP is offering EPS core alongside X Marine-ply stringers, crosshair accessory strapping system, single bolt-thru fin box with removable 9 inches flat water fin, etc.

Wavestorm Paddle Board Reviews

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Important Features

  • The large space and area of the paddle board will give you ample space and balance you needed.
  • The paddles length is adjustable. It doesn’t matter on your size; you’ll be able to get right pull from the paddles.
  • The skin is made with polystyrene.
  • It offers 3 marine wood stringers.
  • Ankle leash will help you to not drifting away by the waves.
  • Soft foam construction and stand up paddle board.

What comes in the package?

  • A 10 foot 6 inches Wavestorm SUP.
  • One plastic center fin
  • One ankle leash
  • Aluminum adjustable paddle.


  • The soft foam construction is more durable than fiberglass SUP
  • It floats swiftly
  • You can maintain good balance on it as it has lightweight and huge space for balancing
  • The storage strap is handy


  • Not as speedy and swift as fiberglass paddle board.
  • Aluminum paddle is heavier than a carbon paddle.
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For Whom Wavestorm Paddle Board

If you follow every wavestorm surfboard review, you’ll know that the paddleboard is a versatile one. You can use it one flat water, rough water, and on the catching waves. That means people who are experienced riding on flat water, rough water, and waves can use it.

But not look for swiftness on the waves form it. Moreover, the paddle board is a complete teaching equipment for beginners. As a new surfer, you should use this, because it offers more balance and more control. Also, as a beginner, you should use paddle board, which is durable and can tolerate any type of rough riding.

I would like to suggest the surf learner use the wavestorm. Besides, as the board is made with foam and the surface is soft enough, your kids will be safe on it. If they mistakenly slip on the paddle board, there’s won’t be any chance to break hands or teeth.

Why you should Select wavestorm paddle board

Before buying any product you, should measure why you need the product? Every paddle board offers one thing, and that is surfing. So how you can select the one for you is completely up to you and your choice. Here I’ll let you know about the factors that make the wavestrom paddle board different from others.


Now you have to examine the durability of wavestorm paddle board reviews. Sometime You may find as the pricing is lower than other’s paddle board, it may offer a lower construction deck. But the matter of think that, this paddle board is made with high-quality foam. The core is made with strong ESP foam and also includes three wood stringers. Thus, the rigidity and strength are increased. The downside skin is made with an HDPE for providing extra durability and make the paddle board to slide swifter.

Also, the skin covering the upper board is constructed with patented GFT offers a strong water barrier and comfortable surface. You don’t need to get tensed about fading away from the color of the paddle board. The patented materials offer U.V. protection and keep saving the color from fading away. Also, the deck where you stand has traction pads for offering more grip and control.

Easy assembling

You can easily understand that the wavestorm paddle board is easy to assemble. Yeah, the assembling method is indeed as easy as making butter and bread. You’ll need a maximum of 5 minutes to assemble the paddling board. Also, for assembling or disassembling the board, you’ll need just on screwdriver for a screw on the fin.

Besides the leash feed creating a sturdy eye knot trough itself. As the paddles come assembled all you need to do is adjust to your height. That’s why I am telling it easy assembling.

All features in one

Yes, it provides all the necessary equipment you want with it. For example, it offers everything you’ll need to initiate paddling. On the other hand, more expensive paddleboard requires to buy all the gears. That’s why wavestorm is good enough to buy.


The Wavestorm offers two boards and double accessories in that price by which you can buy a single set of paddle boards. Yes, you are hearing it right. They provide two paddle boards in one package. Sometime it will help you if, by any chance, one paddle board gets damaged, you can use others. Also, if you have partners to share then, the wavestorm should be in your first choice.

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Additional Tips

  • Double-check if the paddle board is second hand or not
  • If you are a beginner, you should surf somewhere with fewer people.
  • Always stay perpendicular to the whitewash and do not bend your back; just bend the knees.


Q: Do Costco paddleboards support well?

yes, Costco paddle boards work well enough. Fiberglass Sup is stiffer than Costco, but Costco offers a peaceful ride. Also, Wavestorm can carry up to 250 lbs. it is made with fine soft foam that makes it different from others and useful for beginners alongside kids.

Q: Why are paddleboards so expensive?

Paddle board needs to ensure strength as it deals with waves. For ensuring enough strength with a lightweight material can not be possible to manage at a low cost. Also, a paddle board is for water. You have to make sure it does not have any effects on water. Besides, the paddle board provides anti-flipping features. These make paddle boards expensive.

Q: Is it okay to use 6.6 inches to use as a beginner?

you don’t need to get tensed about the paddle board as a beginner. It is easier than choices as professionals. But if you are a little more experienced, then you can use a 6.6-inch surf board. But as a beginner, you should use as wider as possible probably 6.8inch, or 7.2 inches will be a better option

Final word: Form wavestorm surfboard review, you can easily understand that it is one of the best paddle boards. It is suitable for beginners to professionals. It is designed for easy and swift riding on the sea. Also, this paddle board is very much budget-friendly.

Before buying it, you should be careful about whether the paddle board is perfectly assembled or not. For cleaning your board, simply rinse it underwater for at least 30 minutes. This will help you to get rid of salt, sand, dirt, and other contaminated elements. Moreover, if the foam crosslink deck carries off, you will need to wax it down.

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