What are The Best Waders for Fly Fishing

If you have done fly fishing previously or planning to begin fly fishing. You know that a wader is an important part of fly fishing.  In this article we will discuss What are The Best Waders for Fly Fishing.

If you are wearing a wader you don't need to change clothes every time you get out of the water. You can change your clothes at the end of the day. They are waterproof and windproof. They protect your body from the cold.

Your body will stay warm even when you are walking on the water. Buying a wader can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from.

3 Best Waders for Fly Fishing:

1. Redington Palix:

The value of Redington Palix is insane. Coming at $129-169 it's more than reasonable. On top of that Redington provides a warranty. These are stocking foot waders.

That means you need to purchase your own wading boots to complete the package. The included booties are more than well built. But that doesn't mean you can get away without wearing a pair of boots. The material is completely waterproof and breathable.

There are a total of 3 layers of material in this wader. The reinforced lower leg increases the overall durability. The wader also comes with a wading belt to make it a snuggle fit. For the price, the Redington Palix is quite unbeatable.

2. Frogg Toggs Canyon II:

Palix is probably the best value for money wader you can buy. Even then it's out of budget for a lot of us. For those, the next best possible option is Frogg Toggs Canyon II. The build quality is great and it's super comfortable to wear.

The only issue in my opinion is the breathability. The breathability is not that good. But besides that everything for the price is more than good. As the breathability is not good, that's why you may face some odor issues.

For the budget, this wader didn't give us much room to complain about. Don't forget this is a stocking foot wader so you have to buy a pair of wader boots as well.

3. Simms Freestone:

Simms Freestone is the most expensive wader on our list. The price of this is around $300.You have to take the value out of the equation for this wader. Their build quality, durability, win proofing, everything is best.

I have no doubts in my mind while I say this, this is the best wader on our list by a huge margin. They are heavy duty waders. Made for harsh weathers they won't ever fail you. The wader has a micro-porous waterproof coating. This makes sure that there won't be any sorts of leakage ever.

If that's not enough to convince you, Simms gives a 1-year leak free guarantee. If your wader shows leakage, Simms will replace the product for you. They also provide a full warranty for the whole wader. The only downside of this besides the price is the lack of more pockets.

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