What Lessons Can Anglers Teach Us?

When you begin fishing for the first time, chances are you are missing a proper guide to help you through your journey. I can't replace as a guide for you, but I can help you find that guideline the missing link you are looking for. That's why we value anglers highly. They can teach you valuable life lessons through their teaching. 

With that said let me express how I feel about anglers and what can they teach us.

7 Lessons from Expert Anglers

1. A Misconception

Catching fish is important. Trust me a lot of anglers got this wrong. You don't need to catch fish in every throw. You can learn from the failure of why you couldn't catch the fish. That lesson will help you more than catching fish in every throw (which is virtually impossible). 

So, get this thought out of your head. You won't catch fish in every throw and you don't even need to.

2. Have Fun

Fishing is a fun and exciting subject. You should focus on enjoying yourself. Even if you do it professionally, you will still need to have fun while fishing. 

If you don't find fishing entertaining you won't be able to do well in the business. Fishing takes a lot of patience. 

But the most important thing is to have fun. You will catch the big fishes you will get excited. But don't feel sad when you can't catch anything. Just consider that part as an experience.

3. Practice Casting

You will get better at casting by every cast. But you need to put in the work and have to know the right way of casting. That's where anglers come in. They teach you the right way of casting. They also provide you feedback on your casting. What you did wrong, what can you do to improve it, how can you stop doing that mistake, etc. 

4. Bait Them

Different fish loves a different kind of bait. The bait selection can be fun and educational. Learn to have fun at every hobby and you will do better.

What anglers teach newcomers about bait is, how the difference between size can big. Like I said different fish different bait. You need to understand the concept of bait and your teacher will help you with that.

It's a process that will take a long time to learn but worth it.

5. Catch Your Bait

We all know that you can purchase artificial bait from the market, but let's be real. Nothing beats the traditional hunt for worms to catch fish. Sure, the process is a little bit ugly and dirty, but you are catching them for a reason. If you catch them once or twice you will get used to the process.

6. Keep it Simple

You don't need to start with the biggest bait to go after the big fish. Think small and simple. Try to catch fish at your local lake. Try out different baits. Remember the one that you got success with. Use that again and again you will get success.

Instead of big and flashy bobbers. Use a small less flashy one. 

7. Ignore Bluebirds if You Can

We call the sunny days bluebirds. While they may be refreshing for you to relax and catch fishes. But it won't be a beneficial fishing session for you. Instead, you should pick humid, hazy, and rainy days if you can. It will improve the chances of catching fishes. 

I don't want to go all philosophical on you, but fishing can teach you a lot of life lessons. Patience is one of them. Learn to be patient and you will get more success in every field.

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