When Do Fish Spawn and When Do They Eat?

Planning a fishing trip is not that easy. It may look like no work, just pack your components for fishing and go. Only if it was that easy. You need to know, when do fish spawn and when do they eat? Not just simple planning you need to know whether the fish spawned at the area you are going to fish. 

You need to know what kind of bait those fish eats. A lot of work if you ask me. But that's why you are here. To make the trip easier for you we are going to give our best tips about when do fish spawn and when do they eat.

5 Factors That Make Fish Spawn:

1. Water Temperature

Different types of fish spawn in different water temperatures.
Some fish prefers hot water and some prefer cold. The water temperature has a lot to do with seasons as well. Thus comes the seasonal fish.
Fish that prefer hot water they will spawn during the summer.
Coldwater fish will do the opposite. So, you need to know what kind of fish you are looking for and are they hot or cold water kind.

2. Depth of the Waterway

Just like the temperature, some fish prefers deep water where some prefer the surface level.
While it is possible to find different species of fish in the same lake. But they don't spawn at the same depth or water temperature. It won't surprise me if you find out that the lake is fairly deep.

3. Day and Night Cycles

It's common knowledge among the fishermen but we are not fishermen here, are we? It's normal to not know about this when you start fishing for the first time.

As the sun sets and the temperature of the water drops a lot of fish start to surface. That's why you find many fishermen fishing during the night time.

4. Current and Rain

When it rains or storm the depth of the water changes. Fish tends to go towards the shallow water during that time. When this happens the spawn time of fish goes through drastic changes. Environmental damage can also affect fish spawn.

5. Walleye Fish

This fish is known to spawn during March and April. For them to breed the water temperature needs to be about 43 to 48ºF. At this temperature, the fish feels safer.
Fish don't care about their eggs like other species. They mate and leave the eggs around the rocks in the depth of water. If you are looking for walleye fish then you better off looking at areas that are hard to reach. Walleye prefer those areas to lay eggs.

When Walleye Eat?

They tend to eat a lot after mating. What this means, you can literally put anything edible as bait and they will bite it. Because they are hungry.

Northern pike

They are one of the species that prefers the coldest of water. That means they mate and spawn at the depth of the water. If your lake is fairly shallow and not deep then chances are you won't find them in your local lake. They also prefer the temperature between 35 to 50ºF. Like walleye, they don't take care of their eggs.

The leave them on the rock alone. This happens mainly because after mating they are exhausted and look for food like crazy. If you are at the right temperature and mushy area you should be able to catch them with any kind of baits.

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