Why You Should Use Bibs for Fishing [2022 Guideline]

Fishing on harsh weather can take a huge toll on your body and skin. Saltwater isn’t that good for your body. That’s why when you go to the sea for fishing, you must wear fishing bib.

What is a fishing bib:

A fishing bib is a piece of clothing like a dungaree that covers your body from chest to toe. You will still need to wear a raincoat, waterproof gloves, and waterproof boots.

But the way a fishing bib is made, it will protect your chest and legs from any harmful weather.

What are fishing bibs made out of:

A cheap fishing bib is made out of nylon fiber with a waterproof layer. But the high-end ones are made out of PVC.

PVC is a waterproof material that is used in many varieties of equipment.

The pipes that we use underground is made out of PVC. You can imagine how good they are at blocking water.

But one thing that they are not good at is breathability. The breathing room on a completely PVC fishing bib is nonexistent. The lower part of the fishing bib is windproof. If you know what a dungaree is then you know there is no top part. You wear it on your shoulder like a T-shirt.

Why get one:

Simply put, to protect yourself. A lot of us does fishing for a living. We can’t wait for the weather to get better so that we can go fishing. In deep-sea, you don’t even know when a big wave going to hit on you. That’s why to stay prepared you must wear fishing bib to protect yourself from the water and from the cold.

If you don’t wear a fishing bib and a raincoat, you will need to change your clothes every 5 minutes. Nobody has time for that.

You can’t even dry your soaked clothes.

Grundens Dark and Stormy Fishing bib:

Now that you know what a fishing bib is and why you should buy one. Let me suggest some good products.

Grundens is a well-known brand among anglers. They have provided quality products for years.

Grundens dark and stormy fishing bib are made out of 100% polyester. The jacket and the bib can be purchased as a combo on Amazon.

The shell material is the DValpine eVent fabric shell. The only downside of the jacket is the zipper is not protected. The quality of the zipper is so good that it doesn’t need any kind of protection. When you touch the material you can guess it will stand its ground even on the worst weather.

As the material is not 100% PVC the jacket and bib are breathable. It is also windproof. You don’t have to wear another jacket to suppress the cold.

The value of this kit is quite high. Together they cost less than 300$.

The build quality and material are excellent. This bib is suitable for any kind of anglers.

I hope you understand now why it is so important to purchase a fishing bib.

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